Focus on the Process, Not the Result

I recently finished reading the book The Miracle Morning for Network MarketersI have the ebook so I highlighted digitally, took screenshots, and sent snippets to my team a few times. There are some nuggets of gold in that book. The interesting part about all those "nuggets" that stood out to me is that they are all solid pieces of wisdom that apply to more than just network marketing. The biggest piece of wisdom for me is this:

"The secret to success in network marketing is to be committed to my daily process without being emotionally attached to my results. I can't always control my daily results, but as long as I follow through with the process, the law of averages will always play out, and my results will take care of themselves." 

Wow. "Be committed to my daily process" but not "emotionally attached to my results."

This can be applied to every area of my life. From running my business, to losing the baby weight, to growing spiritually, to raising up my kids to know and love God... I can get so focused (truthfully, worried) about the future result that it often takes over my ability to be committed to the process.

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LifeTaryn Nergaard
Why Millennials are the Worst Generation

Millennials are the worst. We're lazy, entitled, selfish, and rude. We make terrible music, movies, and art. We're narcissistic and spend too much time taking selfies and posting on social media. The only people we care about is ourselves. We expect everything in life to come easy to us and we quit as soon as anything gets challenging. All of these things make millennials the worst generation of all time.

As a millennial, I see this issue through an autobiographical mindset. I understand the current worldview and challenges millennials face more than I can understand the worldview and challenges of past generations. But it makes sense logically, that every generation is faced with negative, stereotypical, and even demeaning judgement from the generation before it.

I can easily imagine my great-grandmother, born in the 1920's, being shocked--and even disgusted--at the younger generation of pot-smoking, bra-burning, hippy culture of the 60's. Every decade has its teenagers and young adults pushing the boundaries and doing things differently than their parents.

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The Difference Between Reading God's Word & Hearing His Voice

I still remember the feeling of God's voice penetrating deep into my heart the day I became a Christian. It was a wonderful feeling that I held on to tightly for several years after that day. I grasped those words tightly in my fists, afraid that it was a once in a lifetime moment that I would not get again. My fists held closely to my heart, I hoped that I wouldn't forget the sound of His voice. Today, my arms are stretched out in front of me, hands loose (except for a gentle grasping of my pen), and bible laid out on my lap as I soak in the sound of that familiar voice--the voice I open my bible and my heart for almost every day.

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The Purpose of Perseverance

Persevere. This word God has spoken to me more times in this past year than any other. "Be patient. Trust me. Keep going. Don't quit. I've got this." At times I've wondered if I just skip this lesson, will God let me move on to the next one? Maybe the next one will be more to my liking. Maybe it will be less uncomfortable. Maybe it will produce a quicker result. But aren't those thoughts precisely why God is being so thorough with teaching me perseverance?

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The Problem with Self-Help

My goal this year has been to read more books. Whether it's paperback, ebook, or audiobook, I want to be filling my mind with more wisdom and knowledge than I have in previous years. I want to grow as a Christian, as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother, and as a writer. I cannot expect to grow if I am not feeding my mind with the wisdom and knowledge of those who have more knowledge and experience than I do. But in my quest for knowledge, my first priority is (or should be) my daily bible reading. If I find myself spending my time reading self-help books, even Christian ones, but don't read my bible--there's a problem. If you're an avid reader, but struggle to read your bible regularly (or consciously choose not to), let me share with you the two main issues I see...

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Easter is for Me

It's Good Friday 2017 today. It's been almost two thousand years since the death of our saviour Jesus Christ, yet His sacrifice is as applicable today as it has ever been. God's power to forgive and bring about new life is just as great. So why do we struggle with accepting the power and purpose of the event that changed the world so many years ago?

I think it's because many of us fail to fully take hold of the death and resurrection of Christ as it applies to our own lives. We fail to feel the weight of our sin being laid on Jesus. We fail to accept His final words that "it is finished." And we fail to see the incredible power of God that brought Jesus back to life.

If we can allow ourselves to fully embrace Good Friday and Easter Monday as powerful, purposeful events that occurred for each of us personally, our lives would wholly be changed.

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FaithTaryn Nergaard
Finding Joy in the Mundane

Have you ever read or been told that you’re doing “kingdom work” by taking care of your home and raising your kids? Did you smile and nod outwardly, but inside you were rolling your eyes or laughing? I’ve been there. When you’re right in the thick of it—the messy, noisy, long, repetitive days of motherhood—it’s hard to see the bigger picture. But, finding joy in the mundane may just be the key to unlocking the peace and contentment that you need.

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FamilyTaryn Nergaard
Failing Forward

As I thought about a theme for the first month of this new year, “productivity” came to mind. January often begins with high hopes and even higher expectations of what we imagine we can accomplish in the next 12 months. I thought about covering topics on bullet journaling (my favourite way to plan and keep my mind organized), on setting priorities and focus, and on how to organize your life to accommodate your highest priorities. While those are all worthy topics of discussion, I felt my heart pull in another direction as my fingers hit the keyboard. I want to first address failure.

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LifeTaryn Nergaard
Silence in our Trials

This year has felt nothing short of a bad roller coaster ride. One of those rides that somehow never ends. For the most part, I've been very proud with the way I've handled these trials. Through such tribulation I've been able to stay focused on my heavenly Father and just rely on his strength. As hard as this year has been it's also been extremely life-giving and eye-opening. I sit here today with wisdom I would not have had unless I had walked through the hard days. I continue to have the courage to keep walking down the long road ahead. That being said, I want to share with you about a couple days I had not so long ago...

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FaithKirista Berry
Allowing Time for Play

All work and no play makes everyone a dull boy (or girl). But how can we make time for play when there always seems to be so much work to do? It took me several years into adulthood to figure out that no matter how much work I did on a particular day, there would inevitably be more waiting as soon as the next day started. Whether it’s university papers, dirty dishes or laundry, or take-home work from our day jobs, there will always be something more left to do.

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Why Healthy Hormones are Essential for a Good Life

When most of us think of hormones, we think of either the bad things (i.e. PMS, cramps, mood swings, acne) or pregnancy (i.e. can I get pregnant?) But there’s actually far more to hormones than meets the eye. Most people don’t know this, but the menstrual cycle is considered the fifth vital sign of health (after body temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure) because you can learn a lot about your overall health and hormone balance by monitoring your menstrual cycle.

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HealthAllison Macbeth