Cookies for breakfast?

Ya I know, who wouldn't love cookies for breakfast?! But seriously... Quaker is actually marketing "Breakfast Cookies." Not only are they marketing them as suitable for breakfast, but they are also trying to fool us into believing that these are a healthy choice! I am hoping that most of you know better than to believe their claims, but I also know how easily we can be swayed from nutritious whole-foods to the convenience of packaged foods that claim to be just as good for us. "Your childhood dreams have come true, you can have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. Indulge responsibly with Quaker's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies. Made with whole grain Quaker Oats and sprinkled with chocolate chips, Quaker Breakfast Cookies are a good source of iron, calcium and fiber. Your mouth will think it's a chocolate chip cookie, but your body will know better."

Uhhh... really? Your body will be fooled into believing that these things are healthy? Take a look at the ingredients and you will quickly realize that these "Breakfast Cookies" are still COOKIES... Cookies full of corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and "non-food" ingredients. And don't be fooled by the "vitamins" they have added into their cookies!

I hope this is common sense, but you'll be way more satisfied and your body will be much happier, if you get those nutrients from the whole-foods where they were originally found! So please, make yourself some oatmeal, throw in some raisins, and finish with a glass of milk... then you can treat yourself to some good chocolate knowing that your body has been fueled properly. Not filled up with crap.