In Progress

If I were to get a grade for blogging over the past month, it'd be an F... or the more modern term: an IP (that's 'In Progress' for those of you who went to school during the time when teachers rightfully failed students for not completing their assignments.) And 'In Progress' is definitely the correct grade for my blog right now, since I have multiple posts that are in progress! The thing is, I like to ask tough questions and it's very difficult to do research on these "tough questions" since a lot of sources are biased. Generally, there are very few things health-related that I read/hear about that I take for fact without doing my own research. That's just my personality. I like to sift through the myriad of people's opinions and scientific studies and doctor recommendations to come to a conclusion that makes sense to me and that I feel comfortable with. This may make me seem distrusting, but I know that I'm not right all the time, so why would anyone else be? Plus, I know that money is a big motivator for many "higher ups" that make the decisions for the well-being of our population and sometimes that motivator clouds the ultimate goal of achieving better physical and emotional well-being for ALL people.

I guess I could say that doing my own research and coming to my own conclusions helps me feel less helpless against the chemical companies and "Big Pharma." Every time I make ONE small decision to make ONE small change in my life, I feel empowered. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed when you're looking at all the newest research about chemicals poisoning our environment and our families; but instead of looking at all that needs to change, focus on ONE thing that you can change right now. And eventually, you'll be able to look around you and feel proud of the small changes you have already made. If everyone made the decision to start making small changes in their lives, the impact could extend far beyond each individual family.

Like my blog, the changes I am making for my family are also still in progress. And I couldn't be happier.