Personal Care Products: What do I use?


 CHECK OUT MY UPDATED POST ABOUT WHAT I AM CURRENTLY USING I have had some people ask me what products I use and I decided to just write a quick (we'll see...) post listing what I am currently using/have used/recommend using. By no means are these the only products that are good!! But I will tell you what I do and don't like about these products. Often if I'm sufficiently happy with a products ingredients and the way it works, I won't try something else... unless I find something that has even better ingredients or an even better price; then I'll give it a try in hopes that it will work just as well or even better!

I should also mention that not ALL of the products I use are "natural" but I will explain why when I get to those particular products.


Shampoo: Verde Botanicals Tea Tree (will be trying Kogi Naturals Tea Tree) Since my first pregnancy, I've struggled with dandruff, even after giving birth. I was not willing to use nasty chemical anti-dandruff shampoos so I did my research and decided to give tea tree oil a try. I have been using the Verde Botanicals shampoo with tea tree oil for over a couple years but I'm not happy with the ingredients in it. But recently, while shopping online at the Rocky Mountain Soap Co., I saw that they also sold Kogi brand shampoo with tea tree oil, and the ingredients were much more to my liking. So I am waiting to get through my current shampoo to give the Kogi one a try!

Conditioner: Kogi Naturals Rosemary Mint I am realllllly picky about conditioners. Anyone with thick and frizzy hair is. So I often settled for less than ideal ingredients in my conditioners for the sake of my vanity. But since discovering Kogi, I am SUPER happy! It's a nice rich conditioner that works well and has great ingredients. I'm very picky about scents as many smells give me a headache (or now that I'm pregnant, make me feel ill), but I love anything minty so this is perfect. If they didn't have the rosemary mint, I would've gone with unscented.

Hair styling: Marc Anthony's Strictly Curls Nothing natural about it. But did I mention I have thick, frizzy hair? It's also wavy. But not the nice kind. The "is part of my head curly and part of it straight??" kind of wavy. But these products, with my diffuser, have helped me finally accept my hair for what it is. If I ever again have an extra hour to set aside to straighten my hair every morning, I won't need any products... but that seems like a far, far, away dream.


Cleansing/exfoliating/makeup removal/etc.: Norwex Body Pack cloth That's it. One cloth with water does it all for me. I don't wear waterproof mascara anymore but when I did, it got that off too. I use less water if I want to exfoliate and more if I just want to gently wash my face. These cloths are fantastic and save SO much money that I used to spend on countless products. I should mention that the only time I have clear skin is when I'm pregnant. Otherwise, I struggle with both oily and dry skin with black heads and breakouts. But both my husband and I have noticed marked improvements in our skin since switching over to these cloths exclusively.

Toner/moisturizer: Norwex Face & Neck Gel When I first starting with Norwex I used the Norwex Day Cream but found it a little thick for my skin and didn't last as long as I had hoped. After that, I decided to try the Face & Neck Gel and was really impressed. It's a nice, refreshing, light-weight gel that goes on so easily and you need a very small amount. Because it has aloe, it's especially good for summer! I wouldn't recommend using it in the winter if you have really dry skin but for combi/oily skin or any type during the summer, it's a great choice. I consider this a toner and moisturizer together as it works for both. Plus, one container lasts me 6 months!

Makeup: Physicians Formula Mascara (will be trying Sweet Leilani products) I've used a couple different types of the Physicians Formula mascara and they've worked well and seem gentler on my eyes than other "regular" mascaras I have used. However, I will be switching over to Sweet Leilani cosmetics after hearing about them from my friend Kristi. Mascara is all I wear regularly but once my glowing, acne-free, pregnant skin is gone, I'm sure I will be picking up the Sweet Leilani foundation too. Other than that, I'm a boring, plain woman who couldn't be bothered to spend time on makeup. Mostly because my husband thinks it's dumb and he's the only one I need to impress (that doesn't mean I won't put on a little something extra when I want to feel extra special).

Lips: Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lip Butter Buttery soft, simple ingredients. Loving the peppermint this summer!


Body wash: Softsoap We're still working our way through cheap-o (but yummy smelling!) Softsoap body wash that we got from Costco. I hate being wasteful but I find it cleansing (pardon the pun) to throw out old bottles of half-used stuff when I make room for new and better for me products; however, I still haven't fully decided what body wash we're going to switch to (I don't like bar soaps)... so for now, we use what we have. Any favourites? Let me know!

Lotion: Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Body Butter LOVE THIS! I'm not a huge fan of lotions because I always find I take way more than I need and so I waste time trying to rub it all in, in order not to waste any. But this product is perfect for me. It's the texture of a lip balm in the container of a deodorant (does that make sense??) So you just rub it on where you need it! It has worked really well on my stretching, pregnant belly and my skin still feels soft at the end of the day.

Sunscreen: Heiko SPF 30 Sunscreen I purchased the Heiko sunscreen last summer because it was the best one I could find while I was in my favourite local health food store and I needed it right away (no time to have something shipped). I did look it up on EWG afterwards and it has a nice low rating of 1 (the lower the better.) It's a physical sunscreen, meaning it uses zinc and sits on the surface of the skin; these are the sunscreens I am most comfortable with. Their website says that they use micronized zinc, which means they are larger particles; there's some info out there about nano zinc (smaller particles) and how it can get through the skin and cause concerns (although I haven't done much research on it yet.) My daughter has really sensitive skin and it doesn't affect her and I've been able to tell on myself that it works since I burn without it on.

Deodorant: Norwex Crystal Deodorant I highly recommend crystal deodorants. PLEASE don't use antiperspirants! If you really like scented armpits, look for a natural deodorant that uses essential oils not artificial fragrances. However, crystal deodorants really are the best choice as they are all-natural mineral salts that prevent odours instead of masking them!~

What do I use for my daughter?

Well, she has super sensitive skin so I'm even more particular when it comes to what touches her skin. We use products by Weleda, California Baby, and Heiko Kids SPF 40 sunscreen.

I would love to know what natural products you are using and why you love them! Feel free to comment!