Why my family does not support the "Family Company"

Some companies just downright make me angry. Johnson & Johnson is one of them. It makes me angry that the company calls itself "a family company." Yes, a company may be considered a family company because it is owned or controlled by a group of family members. But, when a company uses this slogan to incite feelings of comfort or trust when they are selling products that are harmful to our families, that makes me angry.

A lot of people don't understand why I buy "different" types of products. Or why I pay more for those products and sometimes have them ordered online when I could go to any store within 5 minutes from my house and buy the brands that most people use. Some people that don't know me well may even view me as the type of person who buys these different products because I think I'm too good for the "regular" stuff everyone else uses.

That just isn't true.

Why do I pay more for products that are different? For reasons like this:

"Baby's Tub is Still Toxic"

This article is not new information for me, and it is not just Johnson & Johnson who are guilty. I did my research and learned that there are a lot of harmful, and completely unnecessary, ingredients in many personal care products. And while I slowly phased out these products for me and my husband, I decided right when my first daughter was born that I would start her on the right track and use more natural products for her from day one. I do not regret the decision or the extra money I spend.

However, I do not judge anyone else for using the products I choose not to. For the most part, people are just misinformed. Most people (including me a few years ago) would assume that if a product is sold in a store--especially if it's a product meant for children--that it would be safe to use. But unfortunately that just isn't true. And even if people do know that products might be harmful for them, the healthier choices are often more expensive and some people just can't afford it. It's intolerable that healthy products aren't made to be affordable for everyone.

Another deception that I learned recently that surprised me--and will probably surprise you: unscented products aren't necessarily a better choice. I started using unscented products for myself because I've become sensitive to chemical fragrances and because I want to avoid phthalates (and phthalates sneakily accompany "fragrance"). However, did you know that companies actually add more chemicals to unscented products in order to mask the products actual fragrance?

It's deception that makes me angry. It's marketing products for children that actually can harm my child that makes me angry. It's the fact that healthy choices aren't made affordable for everyone that makes me angry.

So what makes me happy? My right to choose what products I use and what companies to support. And, my desire to share information that could potentially make a difference in a family's life, no matter how small that difference is.

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