Personal Care Products Update

One of my most popular blog posts has been what personal care products I use. Since it's an old post from 2011, and a lot has changed since then, I thought I would do a quick update.

My personal care products and routine has become so simplified over the past couple years, which makes me happy for several reasons!

1) It saves money

2) It saves time

3) I'm not using chemicals

4) My hair and skin no longer require so many products


So this is what I am currently using:


Mostly just water. Occasionally, if I have had product in my hair or it's a tangled mess, I will use a rinse of apple cider vinegar (4:1 ratio of water to vinegar).

I started out using baking soda and water as "shampoo" and the apple cider vinegar as "conditioner" almost every day but the baking soda majorly dried out my scalp and hair. Once I stopped using the baking soda, I switched to just letting the vinegar rinse soak in my hair for a few minutes in the shower everyday. But I found that after a few weeks, my scalp and hair had adjusted to not needing anything! My hair is naturally moisturized by the oils from my scalp, which is exactly how it should be!


Cleansing/Makeup Removal:

Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth everyday and Norwex Body Pack Cloth occasionally for exfoliating. All you need is water!


A small amount of coconut oil when my face is feeling dry, otherwise nothing.


I am currently using Jane Iredale products, although I do prefer the more natural products from 100% Pure.


Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Lip Butter


Body wash:

None. I know, gross. But seriously, it's amazing what water can do! If I ever just feel like I need the experience of a nice smelling shower, I use products from Rocky Mountain Soap Co.


Coconut Oil, or my remaining Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Body Butter


Arbonne Pure Mint Deodorant or Norwex Crystal Deodorant


Simple right? And it didn't all happen for me all at once, it's been a process of making healthier replacements over time and I feel great with what I am currently using! I highly recommend it!