Family Progress Report - December 2013


I took the girls to see a naturopath for the first time in the fall of 2013, and he told me that it was going to be a long road to recovery. He seemed a bit surprised that I was okay with that. But I know something that conventional medicine often ignores...

Healing your body--the HEALTHY way--takes time.

Patience is not easy, especially when your child's health is involved. I know that I could give Bean a dose of antihistamines and lather on some steroid cream and it would clear up her eczema. But what would happen to her little body if I a) used them permanently or b) stopped using them? If I went with using them permanently, I would be pumping her body full of unhealthy substances that would impact her long-term health in a negative way. If I stopped using them, her eczema would be back and I'd be right back where I started.

Treating the symptoms is futile if you're not treating the underlying cause!

So that's why I'm okay with not getting immediate results from anything I've been doing. I know that there is an unimaginable amount of healing that needs to go on inside my little girls' bodies. It WILL take time to see results.

Both Buttons and Bean went back to the naturopath a couple months later for a progress report.

For Bean, there were some improvements in her body's ability to utilize certain vitamins and minerals and her liver & pancreas were both working more efficiently. Unfortunately, her 37 different food sensitivities still remained. As did her full-body eczema. But, any improvement is still forward progress, so I was pleased that something was working! The naturopath also concluded that for Bean, focusing more on eliminating toxins from her body may yield quicker results in regards to her eczema. For people with eczema, there are 3 factors involved: hormones, food allergies, and toxins. For most people, the food allergies is culprit #1, so focusing on eliminating foods is the first goal, followed by detoxing the body. But Bean's body is struggling because of the high level of toxins. So while we are still avoiding trigger foods, we are also assisting her body in detoxing more efficiently.

For Buttons, the improvements were much more noticeable, likely because her body was in better shape than Bean to begin with. Like Bean, her organs were functioning better, her vitamin and mineral absorption improved, and her body was digesting proteins properly. Plus (a big plus!), most of her food sensitivities are gone, and what remaining ones there are, will likely be foods she has to avoid for life (like dairy & wheat, plus food additives like sulphites and MSG.) Her body's histamine levels have normalized and we are also now able to re-introduce histamine foods back into her diet.

(We had implemented a histamine-restricted diet for both girls; I will be posting information about histamine foods at a later time.)

The naturopath has been equally as pleased with the progress and fully supports what I have been doing to help my girls' health. So overall, I feel very encouraged and I am content at making our way to the finish line as "slow and steady" as needed.