Coconut Butter Bread {Grain-Free}


  Doesn't that look good? Hard to believe, but there's absolutely NO flour in it! Not even coconut flour!

So what's the main ingredient? Coconut butter! ...which is also known as coconut manna or coconut cream.

Full disclosure: this is expensive bread. A jar of coconut manna can cost between $10-15 and you need about half a jar. But since bread and baked goods are no longer a staple in our diet and are treated as "occasional" foods, I don't mind splurging once in a while! Sometimes it's nice to have a thick slice of bread with your soup, chili, or stew!

Another plus: it's the easiest bread to make, ever!

This recipe for Coconut Butter Bread is on Loving Our Guts--Go check it out!