Insights from my 4 year old

So my 4 yr old daughter, who I refer to as "Buttons" on my blog, had something very insightful to say the other day: "But mom, Ms Frizzle says to keep asking questions and you'll get answers."

In case you don't have kids, and weren't ever a kid yourself, she's referring to the quirky but loveable teacher on the TV show "Magic School Bus."

She had just been asking me question after question that I didn't understand, so I finally asked her, "What are you even trying to ask me about?" So even though in context she was being a little smarty-pants, she definitely had a point! Are we allowing our kids to ask questions so they can learn the answers? Their innocent curiosity is such an amazing gift, but are we nurturing it to allow their curiosity and search for knowledge to grow?

At (almost) 27 years old, I am still asking questions--especially about health--on my search for understanding. Yet, it seems that many adults have become complacent to what is happening around them and opt to follow the status quo.

One of my favourite bloggers, Food Renegade is all about "challenging politically correct nutrition."

I don't desire to "challenge" anything for the sake of making an argument or for mere fun (believe me, that's not at all fun to someone who tries to avoid conflict like the plague!) But as I began to ask more and more questions 4 years ago, I've found many answers. Those answers have led me to where I am today, regarding my own views of health & nutrition.

So while I do believe there is a better way to eat, live, and take care of ourselves than what is conventional, I also believe even stronger that each person must ask their own questions so that they find the answers that truly impact their own way of thinking. Those answers will be the foundation of their healthcare & nutrition philosophy.

If you're ready to make a change in your life, follow the advice of Ms. Frizzle once more:

“Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!”

— Ms Frizzle
Taryn Nergaardthoughts