5 Healthy Mood Boosters


It's a beautiful, sunny day here in Chilliwack, British Columbia! If you're anything like me, you don't have a problem being in a good mood when the sun is shining! But in case the weather isn't so great where you are or you're just having a crap day, I've put together a list of 5 Healthy Mood Boosters for you! These are five of my favourite mood boosters that I have incorporated into my own life. They are all simple and easy to incorporate into your day--the hardest part is just deciding you want to be in a good mood and do something about it!

I'm guest-posting over at He Calls Me Wifey today for my good friend Jade! She is a beautiful person with an eye for finding beautiful things! Creating, crafting and DIYing are things I love and I am not particularly great at-- but Jade has that creativity in spades!

So, go right now and check out my 5 Healthy Mood Boosters on He Calls Me Wifey!