Soy - Part Seven: Conclusion


So, here we are at the conclusion of The Truth About Soy series. Thank you for following along with me and learning about the pros and cons of soy! If you haven't read through the previous 6 posts yet, I would encourage you to do so:

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After all of the information I shared with you, here is what I hope you take away:

  1. Soy shouldn't be demonized. It can be beneficial as a small part of our diet, as long as it's traditionally fermented.
  2. It matters how soy is grown, produced and manufactured, so look for quality products from good sources.
  3. If breastfeeding isn't possible for you, look into other options for formula and stay away from soy.

If you're like me and you've decided that soy isn't something you want in your life, then I have an encouragement for you:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. - Maya Angelou”

How is that an encouragement? Well, because I think sometimes when we learn something new that spurs us to change, we can become regretful of not learning that information sooner.

This plays out big time for me with my kids. Seeing them struggle with eczema, food sensitivities, and toxic bodies, I feel such a sense of regret for not knowing how and why to take better care of myself before conceiving. But I have found that quote by Maya Angelou to be encouraging.

I didn't know then, the information I know now! All I can do is make good decisions from now on!

So the pressure is off! Don't look back at the decisions you've made in the past, look forward at the decisions you WILL make because you've learned something new!

If you want to continue learning, or maybe you're still a bit skeptical about soy being all that bad, you can check out the resources below.

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