Family Progress Report - May 2014


It's been five months since our last progress report, and a lot has happened since then. I'm excited to share with you how it's been going!

As a family:

We are doing really well as a whole! The GAPS diet is totally normal and enjoyable!

Tynan and I went away a couple times overnight and planned ahead of time that we would eat out. We wouldn't be following the diet but would make smart choices. After both "cheat weekends" we were really disappointed! The food didn't taste nearly as good as we remembered, so it wasn't very enjoyable. We both felt kind of gross after and craved fresh vegetables and "clean" food again!

I think that's a WIN, don't you?

We're eating (and enjoying) lots of veggies right now, since the weather is warmer. There have been the occasional meals when one or more of the girls doesn't like something, but I've kept putting different veggies on their plates and now they're eating everything--it's great!


She is doing really well! She has had a couple appointments with the naturopath since our last update and everything was improving. Her body is being nourished and her toxins went down substantially.

Unfortunately, there was one setback; due to being around house paint for a day or two, her liver was taxed and her levels all went haywire again (figuring out the cause took a bit of detective work on his part--I was pretty impressed!) Buttons was put on another liver support supplement and hopefully everything will be looking better at her next appointment.

We have also started using desensitizing drops to help her with her grass allergy. It would take a full post to explain exactly what they are/what they do but the outcome should be that after a year of use, her seasonal allergies should improve substantially.


My poor little Bean! Overall, she is doing really well, despite no improvements of her eczema. Her blood toxins have decreased quite a bit, but we're now working on detoxing her organs and tissues. She has been on a homeopathic detox kit for months now, and has also been taking chlorella for a couple months too.

Each appointment, we see improvements in her organ function, especially her liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

She is also on the desensitizing drops.

As disheartening as it is to see her still covered in eczema from the neck down, it's good to see improvements on the inside.

Plus, her behaviour has improved a lot since the new supplements! At first, she seemed to be quite cranky from the detoxing, but her body adjusted and her behaviour was really good! The most interesting part is that we ran out of chlorella and I didn't buy more for a couple weeks and it was HORRIBLE! Seriously. She just could not function properly and would throw fits and have an awful time trying to calm down. As soon as she was back on the chlorella, the behaviour improved immediately.

Our naturopath said that chlorella has been extremely helpful for kids and adults; most of us don't realize that our moods, the way we feel and our overall mental health are detrimentally impacted by the toxins in our bodies!

Baby Bear:

Since she is still breastfed and just starting solids (the GAPS way, of course), not much is going on! She eats regularly, poops regularly, doesn't sleep much (insert exhausted mama face here), and hasn't had any breakouts of eczema.

Bean didn't have eczema as a baby either, but it came with a vengeance after she was a year old, so I'm not holding my breath with Baby Bear. I am hopeful that we can help her get off to a good start and avoid most of those issues, but I'm also trying to be realistic with my expectations!

Taryn & Tynan:

We had our first naturopath visit a couple weeks ago! Our girls have been going for a while now, but we couldn't afford for four of us to have our initial consultations at the same time last fall. Some of the priorities we need to work on for our health now are:

  • We are both low in glucagon, which means we aren't able to digest proteins adequately. Since our diet is high in protein, this is a problem! So we're taking digestive enzymes with our meals.
  • We both have high insulin levels. Our naturopath suggested going on a low Glycemic Index (GI) diet but we already are! The only foods we eat that are higher than 80 on the index are beets, cooked carrots and honey. So we will be eliminating the beets from our morning juice, only eating raw carrots and limiting honey (and baked goods.) It's quite possible that our insulin levels are high due to the glucagon issue. We're hopeful that this is the cause and it's not a sign of diabetes.
  • He didn't test Tynan's vitamin and mineral levels but he tested mine and they were great! Like seriously, GREAT! Even my iron levels are fine now! Woohoo for the GAPS diet :)
  • So now that my iron levels are good, there's a different cause for my low-energy... if you've been reading my blog recently, you know that I've speculated that I have adrenal fatigue. Well, the doctor confirmed it! The method he would usually use to treat the adrenals is not recommended while I'm breastfeeding, so he's given me a liver support supplement that should help my adrenal glands in a "second-hand" kind of way. I swear it's working already because I feel GREAT. I have tons of energy and I have been super motivated and productive for the last week!
  • We both also have a high level of toxins. When a naturopath does testing, it shows a number that you're at and there's a healthy range that your numbers should fall between. For toxins, your numbers should be less than 20. All of my levels were at 220... a whopping 200 more than they should be! Tynan's numbers were very similar. Unfortunately I will not be able to do any serious detoxing until Baby Bear is weaned (which he recommended that she be breastfed once a day until she's 2!)
  • As for allergies, we will both be going in again in a couple months to do full food allergy testing. What he did test so far showed that I am highly intolerant to gluten and dairy and Tynan has allergies to dust, foods (specifics unknown), grass, and mold.

After listing all that stuff that's "wrong" with us, you'd think I'd be dismayed. But I'm not!

I've seen the numbers improve so much with the girls and seeing for myself that my iron levels are normal for the first time in who knows how long just strengthens my passion for healing our bodies with food!

I've said before that real healing is a process which might be long and slow, but I believe that it is so worth it!

So what about you--what health issues are you currently healing with real food?