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Do you remember that series on soy that I posted a couple months ago? Do you remember that one of the issues with soy is the high levels of phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors it contains? Well, wouldn't you know it, nuts and seeds have the same issue!

But please don't freak out! Unlike soy, nuts and seeds have much less phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors are much easier to neutralize.

By simply soaking your nuts and seeds before you consume them, you not only neutralize the enzyme inhibitors but you also promote the production of beneficial enzymes! These beneficial enzymes make nuts and seeds easier to digest and increase the availability of important nutrients.

For most of us, nuts and seeds are one of our quick "go-to" snacks to grab so let me assure you, this process is super simple! Once your nuts are soaked and dried, you can grab 'n' go as usual.

Here's a quick "how to":

The basic method is the same for all nuts and seeds but there are slight variations of time and amount of salt, which you can find on the infographic at the bottom of the post!

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Place 4 cups of nuts or seeds in a glass bowl. Cover with water, add salt, and stir.

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My cashews, after soaking for 3 hours have already started to sprout--see that little nubbin? They're good to go!

After the nuts/seeds have soaked for the recommended time, drain them and place on a pan. Place the pan of nuts/seeds in a dehydrator or oven at a temperature lower than 150 degrees F. Turn them occasionally and let them dry for the recommended amount of time, until they are fully dried through and crisp when you bit into them.

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My oven only goes as low as 170 degrees F and I've had no problems drying them at this temperature. If you dry them at too high of a temperature, you will destroy the beneficial enzymes, but they will still be much better for you than if they are unsoaked.

And beyond the health benefits, I like the taste of soaked and dehydrated nuts much better than unsoaked!

To help you guys out, I created an infographic so you have all the info you need in one easy-to-reference place!

Right click the image to save it and/or pin it to Pinterest!

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How to Soak Nuts & Seeds

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