Spicy Whole-Grain Mustard


When you think of mustard, what comes to mind? I think the majority of us would automatically think of squeezing out that bright yellow French's bottle onto a hamburger or hot dog.

A close second might be dipping chicken fingers into a little container of delicious honey-mustard.

Did you know there are a lot of variations of mustard?

Dijon is one variation, which is definitely one of my favourites! There's also mustards made with beer or other alcohol. Mustard seeds can even vary by type--like white, brown or black. So with many varying types, they all range in flavour from mild to spicy.

The recipe I am sharing with you today is definitely on the spicy side of the spectrum! But the look and texture of this mustard, made using whole seeds, lends itself nicely to more sophisticated dishes.

I wouldn't want to lather a hot dog with this condiment, but a small amount placed on a nice, mild sausage is perfection! Put this mustard in a cute little jar on a plate with sliced, cured meats and you have a simple, but not boring, appetizer to serve to your guests.

Another couple bonuses: it's so easy to make and there are no questionable ingredients! Even better, it uses apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar, so it's great for people with a corn allergy.

Spicy Whole-Grain Mustard


Spicy Whole-Grain Mustard 2


  1. Put all ingredients into a bowl or jar. Cover and let sit overnight.
  2. Using an immersion blender or food processor, blend ingredients together until it reaches your preferred consistency
  3. Store in the fridge

I'm not sure how long this will last for, but my guess is a long time, as long as you use a clean utensil when you scoop some out. I had a jar in my fridge for at least 4 months and it did not go bad before it was used up.