What do you feed a GAPS baby?: Introducing Solids - Week Three


As I look ahead at the GAPS diet and the new foods that I will soon be introducing to Baby Bear, I am reminded of just how quickly days, weeks, and months go by! It feels like only a few weeks since I met my youngest baby girl for the very first time and now she's 6 1/2 months old!

I love those bittersweet moments.

Because as much as I can miss the days when each of my girls were just newly born, their lives hold so much potential that I cannot help but be excited for each new stage they enter!

For Buttons, I'm excited for her to be starting kindergarten; for Bean, I'm excited to see her vocabulary grow and her desire to explore the world around her; for Baby Bear, I'm excited for her to be sitting at the table eating scrambled eggs with us for breakfast and crawling after her sisters!

But before Baby Bear gets to eat scrambled eggs, there's still a few more foods to introduce first.

Introducing Solids - Week Three

The third week of the GAPS diet for babies adds a couple new foods, in addition to continuing with and increasing amounts of the previous foods.

The new foods are:

  1. Boiled meats
  2. Avocado

For introducing meat, the meat should be cooked for a long time in water and then pureed to add to your baby's vegetable purees. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (Dr. NCM) recommends starting with a small amount of chicken (skin, fat, and brown meat are most valuable.) After gradually increasing the amount of chicken, you can gradually introduce other meats.

Dr. NCM also strongly recommends serving pureed liver and fish stock regularly. Details on how to prepare and cook both of those foods are laid out in the GAPS book.

Avocados are an especially easy and healthy introduction to make! Start by mashing up a ripe avocado and add one teaspoon to the vegetable puree. You can gradually increase the amount.

My GAPS baby...

As I mentioned last week for Week Two, Baby Bear is not quite ready for any new introductions. She is now happily drinking a couple ounces of broth with goat's whey a couple times a day, but she just spits out any of the soups or purees. Silly girl!

I froze some cubes of puree and placed a piece in one of these nifty gadgets and she seemed to enjoy playing with and eating it that way :)

Disclaimer: Information in this post is a brief summary of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's infant feeding guidelines. I strongly suggest you read the book yourself before following any of the information above. In addition, all posts on My Own Ripple Effect are for informational purposes only. Please view my full health disclaimer here.