Fit Friday: 5 Fitness Challenges for Beginners


Hey guys! I (Taryn) am doing the Fit Friday post for today! No, I'm not an expert. But I have learned some things that may be helpful for those of you who are just starting out! Did you read Ashley's post from last week though?! Her 10 Tips to Stay Motivated were awesome! It was definitely what I needed and I had a killer weekend because of that encouragement!

But some of you might be thinking to yourselves, "Ya, that's great. I know I need to be more active but where do I start?!"

So today I'm going to share with you where I began--by doing challenges!

One of the reasons I enjoy these types of challenges is because it keeps me motivated, but in addition to that, it keeps my focus off the scale. The goal becomes being better than I was the day before, not comparing myself to others or judging my progress by the number on the scale.

Like most women, I have struggled with poor self-image and lacked the confidence to ever challenge myself. I gave up before I even started.

If you feel like you can relate, then start with one of the challenges below! It's an empowering experience to stick with a commitment you make to yourself and see yourself get stronger over time!

5 Fitness Challenges for Beginners

1. 10,000 steps a day

This is a super simple way to start! Get a pedometer--any kind will do, so don't feel you need to spend much--and get walking!

When you start keeping track of your steps, you realize how sedentary our lives really are! When I started, I worked on my goal of getting 5,000 steps, then 7,500 steps a day. I only reached 10,000 steps if I went for a long walk, run, or did some square dancing (ok, that was only one time).

2. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is gooood exercise. If you've ever done it, you KNOW.

When I bought my fitbit a couple years ago, this was the challenge I really enjoyed because I live in a 3 story townhouse! It's perfect for a challenge like this. If I didn't reach my goal number of flights by the end of the day, you'd find me running up and down the stairs before bed.

This challenge also works well if you live near outdoor stairs. Where I live, there are stairs going up mountainsides and stairs going up to a sports arena. Decide how many flights you want to climb one day and then challenge yourself to do one more the next time.

3. 100 push ups

I can read your mind. You're thinking "100 push ups?! Are you crazy?!"

No, I'm not. Or maybe I am... Either way, this is totally doable! It's all about scaling it to what YOU can do!

Follow along with the online One Hundred Pushups challenge and you'll be on your way! My upper body strength is pitiful. So I started (and still do) wall push ups (you can view a video demo here.) If you can do women's push ups, then do those. If you're already a strong woman, then start by doing regular push ups! It's a challenge that's scalable to whatever fitness level you are at.

But it is possible to do 100 push ups if you stick with it!

4. 200 lunges

This challenge is very similar to the push ups. Follow the week by week guide on Two Hundred Lunges and you'll be on your way to doing 200 lunges!

5. 200 squats

Two Hundred Squats is the same concept as above! It's all about working up to 200 by doing smaller sets.

What I appreciate about all 5 of these challenges is that you can start them at whatever fitness level you are at. You don't need to feel overwhelmed--just start with what you CAN do, keep at it and see yourself get stronger!

My current challenge right now is doing Ashley's HIIT workout and trying to beat my previous time! If you've been doing this workout too, tag me on twitter and instagram and let's keep each other motivated!

Which challenge are YOU going to start?