How to: Cook Perfect Bacon

Ok guys, here's a super quick guide to how to make the PERFECT bacon! I wanted to get this posted so you can try out my Bacon Wrapped Asparagus ASAP.

How to: Cook Perfect Bacon

What you need

  • Bacon; desired amount
  • 1 -2 baking sheets, depending on amount of bacon
  • parchment paper, optional but recommended


*Do NOT preheat oven!*

  1. Thaw bacon
  2. Cover baking sheet(s) in parchment paper (you could use foil, but parchment is much healthier)
  3. Lay strips of bacon onto baking sheets; they can be touching or even overlapping, if needed
  4. Put tray(s) of bacon into the oven
  5. NOW set oven to 400 degrees
  6. Cook for 15-20 minutes, keeping a close eye on it after about 12 minutes (once it starts crisping, it goes quickly!)

Tip: After 10-12 minutes, flip your pan around; if using 2 pans, flip them around and swap sides. This helps all the bacon to cook evenly, since ovens often run hotter in areas.

Tip: Cooking bacon this way also leaves you with AMAZING bacon fat that you can strain and pour into a mason jar for later cooking :) (keep it in the fridge)