Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea {Review & Giveaway}


Ok, so total honesty right here: I am so excited to be doing this review and giveaway! Over the past couple months, I have gotten in touch with companies whose products I love, in hopes of forming a partnership with them. You guys know that My Own Ripple Effect is all about "creating a ripple effect of healthy homes and healthy families" right?!

Well, finding awesome, healthy products I love and partnering with companies as sponsors is another way that I can expand the ripple effect and help more people live healthy, full lives!

I was so glad when Anne from Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea agreed to partner with me! I've been drinking the nursing tea almost every day for the past month.

What is nursing tea?

Herbs have been used for centuries for many different medicinal applications. Knowledge of various herbs and their beneficial properties has been passed down from generation to generation.

Certain herbs have been used as galactagogues to promote lactation and stimulate milk production. An easy and effective way to use herbs for these properties is by making herbal teas!

What makes Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea so great?

Well, as the name implies... it's 100% certified ORGANIC! It even comes in recycled paper pouches.

Because it's organic, it means you and your baby are being nourished well without any herbicides, pesticides or harmful substances. Herbs are not regulated by the FDA so it's very important to get your herbs and herbal teas from a reputable source! Otherwise, you may not be able to determine if they have been contaminated, if they contain unknown additives, or if they have been misidentified (some herbs are toxic!)

Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea is a high-quality, all-natural, caffeine-free blend of 5 different herbs, chosen for optimal hydration and nutritional support. These herbs are galactagogues--substances that promote lactation and breast milk production. The herbs are also known to regulate hormones, relieve stress, and ease digestion.

The 5 herbs in this blend are anise seed, fennel seed, shatavari, lemon balm, and lemon verbena...

“Anise and fennel are known as carminative herbs that help ease digestion. The essential oils in anise and fennel also trigger the release of prolactin and oxytocin, which are both important hormones for the breast milk production. A high amount of stress hormones can have negative effects on the ability of a woman’s organism to produce breast milk. Shatavari has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine as a hormonal balancer. The herb, which is frequently found in ayurvedic applications, is known for regulating the stress hormone cortisol and for balancing the female fertility system, which is important for the breastmilk production. Lemon balm and lemon verbena are nervine herbs that are known for calming effects on the nervous system. ”


If you're like me, you may be wondering why the tea doesn't contain fenugreek or blessed thistle. This question must be common, as the answer can be found on the website's FAQ section: "As a tea both ingredients taste very bitter when used in appropriate amounts. They are more recommended in a capsule form." Good to know!

So what do I think?

Generally, I can drink any kind of herbal tea, bitter or not, but this tea is good and not bitter at all. It's mild in flavour and the lemon balm and lemon verbena are a subtle, yet enjoyable, addition. This tea is very nice to drink both hot, cold (as in, sat in the pot all day because I forgot about it), and on ice (purposely drinking it cold.)

As for the effects of the tea, it has done what I had hoped it would do... kept up my milk supply despite increasing exercise! Every single one of my babies has become a fussy, unsatisfied nurser when I introduce increased physical activity into my week. I had to abandon my treadmill a few months ago for this reason (shortly after buying it--I was so sad!)

I decided after a couple weeks of drinking the tea that I would try to increase my exercise again. I've done walking, HIIT training, and run/walk intervals on the treadmill which total 3-5 days a week. But so far there have been no ill-effects to my milk supply!

I also pumped some milk last week to leave Baby Bear with a bottle and I noticed that the fat content of my milk was quite good! The quantity has increased a bit, but that could also be due to Baby Bear's increased appetite. But to me, quality is just as important as quantity! I always had quantity with Buttons and Bean, but it's only been with Baby Bear that I feel like the quality is good. (Thank you GAPS diet!)

Knowing the amazing benefits of herbal teas in general, plus my personal experience with this particular tea, I definitely plan to continue to drink this tea while I am nursing Baby Bear!

Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea {Review & Giveaway}

Do you want a chance to try this tea for free?

Mom's Choice is generously giving away one pouch of Organic Nursing Tea to one lucky MORE reader! How awesome is that? If you have a baby, plan to have a baby, or know someone with a baby--then enter to win!

So how do you enter?

There are no mandatory entries, so just use the rafflecopter widget below to pick and choose as many ways to enter as you would like! A great way to thank Mom's Choice for this giveaway is to follow them on facebook, say hello, and let 'em know that My Own Ripple Effect sent ya!

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Good luck!

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Please note: Mom's Choice Organic Tea is NOT for use during pregnancy!

Paid Endorsement Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea. I am receiving compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure statement here.