What do you feed a GAPS baby? Introducing Solids - Weeks 8 & 9


Welcome back to the GAPS Baby series! This is the second last post--and one of my favourites! Not because there's anything particularly special about it or that it's particularly well-written... it's the best because it introduces one of the foods I LOVED (and still do) during the GAPS Intro Diet!

You'll have to keep reading to find out what that is... :)

Introducing Solids - Weeks Eight & Nine

Like most of the previous weeks, the eight and ninth weeks of the GAPS diet for babies add a couple new foods, in addition to continuing with and increasing amounts of the previous foods.

The new foods are:

  1. GAPS pancakes
  2. Raw vegetables
  3. Freshly pressed apple juice

Like I said, this is a great week! GAPS pancakes are awesome, so you should make extra for yourself, too! You can view the recipe here. But for your baby, just start out with one small pancake a day and gradually increase the amount.

As for introducing raw vegetables, Dr. NCM recommends starting with lettuce and peeled cucumber, blended in a food processor (or blender) and added to your baby's cooked vegetable puree. Start with a tiny amount and gradually increase if well-tolerated (ie no loose stools!)

After the lettuce and cucumber are introduced, you can gradually add other vegetables like carrot, celery, soft cabbage, etc. Just make sure they are blended well.

In addition to those new foods, Dr. NCM also suggests adding freshly pressed apple juice to your baby's vegetable juice mixture. Again, look for loose stool as an indication of whether or not your baby is ready! If your baby gets diarrhea, then stop the apple juice for a week or so and try again.

Next week will be the final post in the "What do you feed a GAPS baby?" series! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this approach, so leave your comments below!

Disclaimer: Information in this post is a brief summary of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's infant feeding guidelines. I strongly suggest you read the book yourself before following any of the information above. In addition, all posts on My Own Ripple Effect are for informational purposes only. Please view my full health disclaimer here.