What do you feed a GAPS baby? Introducing Solids - Weeks 6 & 7


This is a short post today, as there are no new food introductions for these weeks! It may seem like this process is a bit slow-going. But, if you've experienced the consequences of food allergies and intolerance, than you know how frustrating it can be.

It's much easier, safer, and healthier to go slow NOW than to have to go back erase the damage that's been done by introducing too many foods too quickly!

Believe me.

Introducing Solids - Weeks Six & Seven

Unlike the previous weeks, the sixth and seventh weeks of the GAPS diet for babies do not add new foods. Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (Dr NCM) recommends continuing with the previous foods and increasing the amounts of these foods:

  1. Increase homemade yogurt and sour cream to 3 teaspoons with every meal
  2. Gradually increase raw egg yolks to two a day
  3. Increase meat intake, especially gelatinous meas around joints and bones

At this point in time, Dr NCM also recommends to stop giving milk formula. Please, please, please use your common sense on this one and make your own educated, thoughtful decision (and read my below disclaimer!)

However, if your baby is still breastfed, then she recommends to carry on.

My own personal opinion...

is that recommendations should vary on the age, stage, health, weight, etc. of your child. You know your child best! Baby Bear, for example, is still not super interested in solids, so she will be almost exclusively breastfed for as long as she wants, until she is truly ready for food.

The reason I posted this GAPS baby series us to give moms a broader spectrum of information than the conventional feeding guidelines. That doesn't mean one way is better than another, but I believe that we can make smarter, and more personalized decisions for our child's health if we know a wide range of information!

You are the best advocate for your child so do your research, know your child, and ONLY make decisions that you are comfortable with!

*Disclaimer: Information in this post is a brief summary of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride's infant feeding guidelines. I strongly suggest you read the book yourself before following any of the information above. In addition, all posts on My Own Ripple Effect are for informational purposes only. Please view my full health disclaimer here.