Our Camping Meal Plan 2014


Yes, as I mentioned on Tuesday, I'm on vacation--now halfway through our camping trip in Birch Bay! But while I am gone, I thought I would share with you guys what my meal planning looked like for the trip. As I mentioned in the earlier post, 5 Tips for Camping with Kids, I think meal planning is key to keeping things stress-free for the whole family. Remember: a stressed out mom does not make a fun family camping trip make!

If you have the ability to make most of your meals ahead of time, then you're off to a great start! But since I cannot do that, due to the border regulations, you'll get to see how I created my camping meal plan and grocery list, but still kept it simple.

I used evernote to make three lists: meal plan, food to pack from home, and grocery list. I like using evernote because I can access the lists from any of our digital devices.

Meal Plan


Almond/Chocolate Mix


Hard boiled eggs

Almond butter



Toasted coconut


Beef jerky*


Breakfast at home

Lunch - pre-made waffles, fruit, deli meat

Dinner - BBQ chicken thighs, coleslaw w/ honey mustard dressing


Breakfast - eggs, sausages, raw veggies

Lunch - leftover chicken & coleslaw

Dinner - bun-less burgers with mushrooms, avocado, tomato, lettuce


Breakfast - eggs, bacon, raw veggies

Lunch - leftover burgers

Dinner - foil packs with diced chicken, carrots, onion, bell pepper with skillet cornbread


Breakfast - eggs & l/o cornbread w/ almond butter & honey

Lunch - leftovers/hardboiled eggs, raw veggies

Dinner - BBQ chicken legs/drums, BLTA salad w/ honey mustard dressing


Breakfast - eggs, sausages, raw veggies

Lunch - leftover chicken, raw veggies

Dinner - smokies/hotdogs (no buns), raw veggies


Breakfast - leftover food and/or eggs

Lunch - leftover food

Bring From Home

Grocery List

  • Apples x 18+
  • Peaches/plums/nectarines x 6
  • Bananas x 6
  • Mushrooms x 1/2 bag
  • Avocados x 4
  • Tomatoes x 3
  • Head of lettuce
  • Cabbage (head or pre-shredded)
  • Carrots x 5lb
  • Cucumber x 3
  • Peppers x 4
  • Onion x 1
  • Eggs x 4 dozen
  • Sausages x 12-16
  • Bacon x 1lb
  • Chicken thighs x 1 lrg pkg
  • Chicken legs x 1 lrg pkg
  • Chicken breasts x 2-3
  • Ground beef x 2lbs
  • Smokies/hot dogs x 6-8
  • Deli meat x 1pkg
  • Beer
  • Wine

*Other items to buy if I can find "clean" ingredients:

  • Raw sauerkraut
  • Chips
  • Beef jerky

There you have it... A simple, healthy, real food meal plan for camping!

PS - I didn't get to it this year, but next year I would LOVE to make homemade marshmallows and graham crackers for s'mores :)

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What are your favourite camping meals and treats?

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