Chlorella: My Detox Superhero

Through my own research of toxins and detoxing, as well as through the knowledge of my naturopathic doctor (ND), I have learned about the significant benefits of chlorellasupplementation. I haven't spoken about it on the blog before, but I have a bit of a negative view of the term "superfood." In my opinion, as soon as you put that label on something, it costs a fortune. And for most of us, we can be very healthy people by eating "regular food" which makes it unnecessary to spend our hard earned money on expensive superfoods.

But despite my pessimism, I decided that chlorella is the one "superfood" that my family does indeed need.

At the recommendation of our ND, my daughter, Bean, has been taking chlorella supplements for over 6 months now. More recently, I began taking it too.

What is it about chlorella that makes it so special?

First, what is chlorella? In a nutshell, chlorella is a single-celled green algae that grows in fresh water. Chlorella is very high in chlorophyll, plus it contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The Benefits of Chlorella:

What makes chlorella unique is its ability to bind to heavy metals. In the chemical-laden world we live in, our bodies are burdened by toxins and heavy metals.

The detoxification system of our body is incredibly complex and utilizes many different parts of our bodies. But simply put, when there are too many toxins for the liver to filter, they begin overflowing into the whole body through the blood stream. Chlorella comes to the rescue by attracting the metals and carrying them out through digestive elimination.

What does this mean for us?

For my eczema-covered little Bean, chlorella is a huge help in easing that burden. Her body's primary pathway to eliminating toxins seems to be through her skin, which is why no matter how strictly she avoided certain foods, the eczema would not let up. It has taken a while, but for the first time in at least a year, her skin is not completely covered in eczema.

Another way chlorella helps Bean is with her behaviour. When we ran out of our first container of chlorella, I didn't rush out to get more--I just waited until our next naturopath appointment. But during that time, I noticed a huge increase in tantrums and she seemed to have an inability to cope with any stress or conflicts. When she would get upset, she seemed unable to calm herself. After talking with the naturopath about it, he said that it is extremely common for behaviour to be linked to toxins in the bloodstream; therefore, reducing the overflow of toxins with chlorella helped her behaviour. He said the same is true with adults.

The reason I decided to start taking chlorella is because I am nursing Baby Bear. Seeing how toxic my body is and knowing that my toxic breastmilk potentially caused health issues for Bean, I decided to do something that would hopefully prevent the same thing from happening to Baby Bear.

Because breastmilk is a detox pathway that is always open, it is one of the first places toxins will go to in a toxin-burdened body. By assisting my body to eliminate toxins via my digestive system, I am potentially decreasing the toxic load in my breast milk.

{i have heard many people in the natural health community recommend that every nursing mom take chlorella; however, as with all natural supplements, they are not tested on pregnant or nursing mothers and are therefore not proven to be safe. Take at your own risk and with permission from your own healthcare provider.]

How do you take chlorella?

First, choose a good quality supplement. There are a vast majority of brands to choose from, which can be hard to wade through. The two brands I have used personally, I have purchased through my ND and local health food store, and I cannot find the brands on

Generally, most healthcare professionals recommend buying "broken cell wall" chlorella, in addition to it being organic. However, through my research, I have seen that organic chlorella does not necessary guarantee better quality (less contaminants) and some manufacturers have other ways of making that chlorella bioavailable (digestible and useable) that does not involve breaking the cell wall. So really, look for a product from a company you can trust, that is reasonably priced for your budget.

Once you have found a product you like, choose how you want to take it: capsules, tablets or powder. Capsules are less common and often expensive, but you can make them yourself with powder and empty capsules. Tablets are easy to take and usually in the middle of the price range. Powder is the least expensive and a good choice if you want to add it to your morning juice or smoothie.

My daughter, Bean, has chlorella in powder form added to her broth every morning. I take tablets three times a day because I just can't get myself to eat or drink anything that I don't like the taste of (no matter how good it is for me!)

Taking chlorella is a simple way to unburden your body's toxic load and regain your health!