My Natural Haircare Failure


Did you read my post over at Thank Your Body? It's all about how there is no such thing as a perfect, one-size-fits-all diet. What I have been realizing more and more as I get older (and wiser) is that there is no perfect ANYTHING. So today I am telling you a story. It's a story of my hair and my personal experience with natural shampoos and no 'poo.

I should first explain... the term "no 'poo" means "no shampoo" and refers to a method of haircare that does not use shampoo. Most often this phrase is used to describe the method of washing your hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

In the crunchy community that I have found myself enfolded, the no 'poo method is lifted up to idol status. If you're concerned about the environment, go no 'poo. If you're concerned about using chemicals on your body, go no 'poo. If you're frugal, go no 'poo.

It's for all of those above reasons that I decided to ditch shampoo completely and try out this "new", all-natural, uber-crunchy method of haircare.

At the beginning, I started out by using baking soda every other day to wash my hair and then rinsed it with diluted apple cider vinegar (with a bit of tea tree oil to combat dandruff.) I could not believe how great the ACV made my hair feel! Especially if I rinsed my hair with cool water (which I highly recommend if you have frizzy hair), I could comb through my hair with ease and it felt so soft.

Eventually I went longer and longer between "washes" with baking soda, because I didn't seem to need it. I just used the ACV rinse every day.

By the time I was doing the no 'poo thing for 6 months or more, all I did was rinse my hair with water in the shower. If I had used hair product or my hair was particularly tangled, I would use the ACV. But most days, all I would do is run cool water over my hair and comb it.

I was saving so much time and so much money; plus, I knew that I was being a crunchy superstar!

Maybe it was pride or just blissful ignorance, but I eventually started noticing that I liked my hair less and less. I was pregnant with Baby Bear and had long hair that hadn't been trimmed in a while, so I wore it in a top knot every day.

But when I would try to wear my hair down or do anything different with it, it felt gross. My hair felt like straw, coated in something. So gross, right?

I chalked it up to the summer heat, not letting my hair EVER dry (because I would put it in the top knot immediately after the shower and it would still be damp the next morning), and the pregnancy hormones.

By the time Baby Bear was born and a few months old, I was seriously disgusted by my hair. Not only was it greasy and brittle, but my postpartum dandruff was back--with a vengeance.

After having a chat with Sasha from Jack And Audrey's, I gave up on the no 'poo and started using her tea tree and mint shampoo that she made for me. I LOVED IT! My dandruff was completely gone within days. That was great for getting rid of the embarrassment, but it did not fully bring back my healthy hair.

Then the sad day came when Sasha was no longer able to make me that lovely shampoo, so I went back to the ACV.

The dandruff came back.

My hair was still so unhealthy, so I got most of it cut off... hoping for a clean start. And it helped, a bit.

In a last-ditch attempt to heal my hair, I shelled out $100 for a few months worth of all natural, claimed to be the best shit ever, raw shampoo by Morrocco Method International.

So here I am now...

9 months postpartum. Mild dandruff. Slightly greasy, yet straw-like unhealthy hair.

I am still using Morocco Method shampoos, as well as treating my hair to some extra help detoxing with bentonite clay and giving it some extra collagen love with gelatin. My fingers are crossed, and I am hoping for the best!

But here is what I want to know:

What made my hair like this?

Some women think it's the baking soda. But as I mentioned, I hardly ever used baking soda. It could just be the crazy pregnancy and postpartum hormones and I have to wait it out.

Normally I am the one dishing out the advice, but on this topic, I want to hear from you! So please comment below!

Have you used the no 'poo method? If so, what has your experience been like? If you're using another natural product that you love, let me know what it is!

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