Vintage TRADITION {Review & Giveaway}


I am so excited to share with you guys about this product that I've been using for the past year. Vintage TRADITION Body Balms are the best skincare I have ever used on myself or my kids--and I've tried a lot of products through my life.

My discovery of Vintage TRADITION happened due to an incredible picture that Mommypotamus posted which showed a child's eczema before and after using the body balm. Since I had tried every other product I could think of for Bean's eczema, I decided to give this product a try.

The website claimed that their balm, which is made from grass-fed beef tallow, is the WHOLE FOOD of skincare. Since our family was already ingesting a whole food diet, it made sense to try this same approach to the outside of our bodies.

To give you an idea of how desperate I was (but also just as skeptical), here is a picture of Bean that was taken exactly 1 year ago...


Vintage TRADITION {Review & Giveaway}

My heart breaks for her when I see this picture. [Don't worry, keep reading to see how she is doing now!]

So as you can see, Bean's eczema was not a small problem. Her entire body was covered in thick, rough, red, itchy patches of skin. At one point, her scratching was so bad that she had a raw, open sore in the middle of her back.

We'd lather coconut oil on her to help with the itching, but we saw no real improvement.

We tried more expensive creams--like one using neem oil--but even that had no effect.

Thankfully, the Vintage TRADITION body balm delivered on its promises! No, her eczema did not miraculously clear up overnight, but the more we used it, the more we saw a change in her skin. It was still red, but all the build up of dead skin disappeared and her skin became smoother and less irritated. Despite the rash, it felt nourished.

We discovered through our Naturopathic Physician that Bean's body was overloaded with toxins and her skin was the main pathway for detoxification. So with the help of homeopathic remedies and chlorella to aid her body in detoxifying, plus nourishing her skin on the outside, she has finally made significant improvement.

Currently, as you can see below, her back and arms are almost completely clear (a couple weeks ago it was 100% clear) and her only flare up of eczema is on her legs.

I have been so impressed with this company that I approached them to partner with me to get the word out about this awesome product. Not only did they generously offer me two new products to try, but they are also giving away their products to TWO lucky readers!

Vintage TRADITION {Review & Giveaway} 2

Body Balm

Image courtesy of

As I mentioned above, we were already very familiar with the Vintage TRADITION body balm. We used their "Almost Unscented" tallow on Bean and we purchased the "Pretty Girly" scent as gifts for our moms. So they sent me their newest scent, called Windswept!

Windswept contains the following essential oils: carrot seed, German chamomile, spearmint, clove, and grapefruit.

According to the creators, this is their most avante-garde scent, and I would certainly agree. Every person is different and so our senses perceive things differently. My hubby thinks this smells like vomit, Bean thinks it smells stinky, and Buttons likes it.

Personally, I wasn't so sure about it at first. There is something kind of "sour" to the smell. But since using it on my face almost every day since June, I have become accustomed to it and actually like the smell. The "sour" grapefruit note is nice and uplifting in the morning and the earthier notes are calming. It's a great combo for my morning routine!

Plus, the essential oils in this blend are great for skin. Carrot seed EO is particularly good for eczema, oily skin, psoriasis, and wrinkles. While German chamomile is great for acne, eczema/dermatitis, diaper rash, itching, poison oak/ivy, and healing scar tissue.

The Body Balm has been a wonderful face moisturizer and one of the other great things about it is how little you need. I put a pea-sized amount on my finger, rub between my hands, and then massage my face. I am not even halfway through my 2oz jar and I've used it most days all summer long! And even with that small amount, my face feels nourished and moisturized all day.

The Vintage TRADITION Body Balms come in 9 different scents, which you can read about on their website.

Deodorant Balm

I was SO excited to try their new product--deodorant! It's made exactly like their body balms, but with essential oils chosen specifically for battling the smelliest of body odours.

Vintage TRADITION {Review & Giveaway} 4

The Women's Deodorant Balm contains the following essential oils: marjoram, thyme, lavender, myrtle, and bergamot. It is a very pleasant scent!

Trying this product out in the summer was a great idea for review purposes, that's for sure! I used this deodorant every day, all summer. Through hot days and sweaty workouts. And it did a pretty good job.

If you compare this deodorant to conventional, chemical-filled products, you might be disappointed. Especially if you're still using antiperspirant (please stop. it's so bad.)

But when comparing it to all the other natural deodorants I have used, this one was the best. Because it is not an antiperspirant, it doesn't prevent you from sweating. It's purpose is to mask or improve any nasty body odour that might be wafting out of your armpits. That's its job, and it did it well. I could often smell that I was sweating, but instead of smelling a bad odour, I could just smell the sweet essential oils.

“The longer you use it, the better it works. It has a cumulative effect!”


By using the deodorant every day, the essential oils have a cumulative effect which makes the deodorant more effective the more you use it. For me, I did need to reapply it on days that I was super sweaty. But overall, I am very pleased with this product!

Now for the best part...

Your chance to try out a Vintage TRADITION product for FREE!

Vintage TRADITION was generous in offering 2 products for this giveaway, so TWO of you lucky readers will get to choose any 2oz product to try. You can choose a deodorant balm (for men or women) or a body balm (9 different scents to pick from).

Entering is simple...

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Good luck!

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