A Safe Alternative for Pain Relief {Mom's Kisses Review & Giveaway}


During my late childhood and teenage years, I popped Tylenol and Advil like it was going out of style. With regular headaches and back pain, plus monthly stomach cramps, I just couldn't cope without OTC (over the counter) drugs. Of course as time went on, the doses I had to take progressively increased. I would take extra strength drugs at the maximum dose and hope for the best. Often, it was barely enough to take the edge off. Does this sound familiar to you?

Many North Americans are in the same situation. We're in pain and we're hooked on pain killers that are only mildly improving our immediate symptoms while wreaking havoc on our insides.

Use of acetaminophen (Tylenol) can cause liver damage and use of ibuprofen (Advil) can cause stomach ulcers. It's not ideal to rely on these drugs long term.

There are still extraordinary circumstances when I need to take OTC medications, but they are few and far between... like a migraine that just won't go away or after giving birth or having my wisdom teeth removed. Those are times when OTC drugs can be helpful for pain management. There is a time and place for their use.

But by using natural pain relief methods, you can either use them to reduce the amount of OTC drugs you need or even eliminate them completely.

The first natural pain relief product I was introduced to was arnica. This homeopathic remedy, which I had never heard of before, was on my midwives' list of items to buy in preparation for my home birth. I took the tablets as instructed on the bottle, in addition to alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and managed the pain of my first birth quite well (especially considering I had to recover from a third degree tear!) I used it postpartum with both Bean and Baby Bear after that and I swear it's how I was up and moving so quickly (both times recovering from second degree tears. Seriously.)

When I had my wisdom teeth removed I was still nursing Bean so I didn't want to take any prescription drugs. Because of my previous knowledge, I alternated between acetaminophen and ibuprofen plus used natural pain relief methods, including arnica. I not only managed to avoid filling my prescriptions, but the swelling and discomfort dissipated very quickly!

Arnica works!

So when I discovered a local company whose product is a liquid, topical arnica that I can use on my kids... Well, I was psyched!

Pictured is the 2oz spray and the 8ml refillable purse sprayer

Mom's Kisses is a natural, drug-free pain relief. Because it has been formulated to be safe for children, it is the best choice for treating any bruises, bumps, sprains, and other injuries your children are likely to experience.

This product is made with pure arnica and contains only 4 ingredients: arnica montana, ethyl alcohol, purified water, & a hint of essential oil of lavender. (Because of the alcohol, this product should not be used on open wounds... you want to reduce your child's discomfort, not add to it!)

Arnica has proven to be very effective at healing bruises--both Buttons and I bruise very easily and always have at least a few on our legs at any given time.

I sprayed this on my legs on two different occasions when I was experiencing leg pain and the discomfort was gone within 30 minutes. I also tried it on my neck and shoulders when my muscles were inflamed. It didn't eliminate the inflammation as quickly as I experienced relief from my leg pain, but it did reduce it enough that I was comfortable again and did not have to take OTC drugs. Plus, it kept the inflammation from causing a tension headache--which is usually inevitable for me.

“MOM’S KISSES works because of its (20%) potency. Most products (creams and gels) are only 5% to 10% – insufficient for any significant effect on inflammation. By contrast, MOM’S KISSES has 20% concentration, the highest you can buy in Canada.”

— www.momskisses.com

In my opinion, Mom's Kisses is THE product that should be in homes, cars, diaper bags, and gym bags. That's why I am so pumped that Mom's Kisses has generously offered you guys a 30% DISCOUNT!!

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We can't keep our kids in a bubble... they WILL get hurt at some point. So be prepared and have Mom's Kisses spray with you for when the inevitable bumps and bruises happen.

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A Safe Alternative for Pain Relief {Mom's Kisses Review & Giveaway}

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