5 Reasons We DRASTICALLY Changed Our Lifestyle


Things have changed around here... big time! With all the amazing things that have happened in the last year, we knew that what we needed was just one more big change that would push us over the edge into our amazing, healthy, meaningful life!

So what's that ONE change?

We got rid of something that has been holding us back our entire lives...

...our clothes!

That's right--we're nudists now! And oh my goodness, it's amazing! I can't believe it took us this long to figure out that it's clothes that have been holding us back all this time.

I get that you probably think it's a little strange. I would've thought so too a year ago. But I think you'll come around!

I titled this post "5 Reasons We DRASTICALLY Changed Our Lifestyle" but a more fitting title for this list is...

5 Benefits of Being Nudists

  1. We no longer have to spend money on clothes, which has gotten us out of debt and into financial freedom
  2. We do WAY less laundry, which is better for the environment and saves me time
  3. We are much closer as a family, as we never leave the house
  4. We exercise more, due to the added motivation of seeing ourselves naked all the time
  5. And finally, I am a much more attentive mother now that I don't have to spend any time thinking about what I, or my kids, will wear each day!

I challenge you to join us and make today the day that you finally let go of those clothes that have been holding you back and move forward into a simpler, more meaningful life!

Just kidding... Have a great April Fool's Day!

But to be serious for a minute... There really are some exciting new changes coming to MORE because of the changes in my own life.

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