3 Reasons Moms are Joining Direct Sales


I think every mom has been there. Your first baby is born and you look into his or her beautiful eyes and think to yourself, "I am never going to let you out of my sight." But when that initial euphoria fades away, you're left with the sudden realization that you can't hold them close in your arms forever. One day they'll get married and have their own little family... One day they'll graduate and move away to university... One day they leave for their very first summer camp... One day they'll go to their first sleepover... And one day very soon you may have to go back to work.

In Canada, we are very lucky to have a full year of maternity leave. But leaving your little one at just a year old is still very, very difficult for a lot of women. The countries who only give mothers weeks, let alone months of maternity leave... it's honestly just cruel.

It is really no surprise that women are looking for a better way.

There are many reasons why women join direct sales companies. Just as every woman is unique, every "why" is unique. But for moms, I think there are three main reasons in particular:


The moment you become a mom, your world is no longer about you. You suddenly have another human being depending on you for his every need. And one common trait in these little human beings is that they are unpredictable.

You can have the best intentions and even the best feeding and nap schedule in place but ultimately you cannot control everything.

Having your own direct sales business means that your business works around your life, not the other way around!

For some moms, they are able to avoid going back to work and are able to work part time from home on their direct sales business. For other moms, they are able to go back to their job part time and work their own business around their job and child's schedule.

Ultimately, this means more flexibility and more time spent with their children.

Extra Income

Most moms go back to work because of some sort of monetary reason (whether it be a wage or benefits.) Some women do go back to work because they have a job they love--something they are passionate about and called to do. But most of us work to help provide for our families... some moms are the sole providers for their family.

Direct Sales companies make it very simple to start your own business and start making money right away. With start up costs that are low, it's very affordable to become an entrepreneur this way!

Good companies provide a lot of tools, training and support to get you started right out of the gate. If you have people you can talk to, either in person or online, you have what you need to grow your business!

And despite what lies are out there in regards to the profession, direct sales can be highly profitable--provided you work it like it's a business. Those moms who approach their business as a business, can make much more money in less hours long-term. It's a win-win situation for a mom who needs to earn an income but also doesn't want to sacrifice time away from her family.


Being a mom can be a lonely role if you let it be. I highly recommend finding yourself a group of moms who you connect with on a regular basis. One of the ways moms are networking and connecting with other women is through direct sales companies. The moment you join your company, you're immediately part of a whole new family.

Because direct sales is heavily grounded in the idea of relationships, many women are finding a supportive, encouraging community within their direct sales company that they have not experienced in past jobs. Women are celebrating each other and their accomplishments!

In addition, many women experience a boost in confidence and discover their purpose through joining a direct sales company. When I joined my company last fall, it was the encouragement and support of other consultants that made a huge impact on my life. It has had a far-reaching impact on my life already!

Are you in a direct sales company? What was the reason you joined?

Does the flexibility, extra income, and community of a direct sales company appeal to you too? There are many great companies out there--Do your research to find the company that best fits your interests, passion, and values! To get you started, here are several women who would love to get to know you and help you start your own direct sales business!

Best of luck!