A New Vision: Live Better. Do Greater.


Some people have a "Road Not Taken" type journey. Not me. There has been no singular, definitive fork in the road which has led me straight to this moment in my life.

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

— Rober Frost (The Road Not Taken)

My journey has been more of a maze. Full of twists and turns, progress and track-backs, and even dead ends. Some crossroads have been a simple choice of left (bad) or right (good), while others have been a decision of which right turn is the exact "right" one for me.

So when I took stock of my life a few months ago, I saw this seemingly random pattern of experiences. I felt like each portion of my life was separate from the next. Like God led me down one road for a while, then picked me up and placed me on a completely new road.

I didn't understand the purpose and I was frustrated that every time I was close to getting to the finish line, God picked me up and moved me to the starting line of another race!

But then I discovered something: God does not waste an experience.

All of those other roads I was on was not a waste of time. God was preparing me in innumerable ways for exactly where he would eventually lead me!

I began to see my life like a wheel with spokes. God was leading me towards the woman he created me to be, but in order to get to that point, He needed to lead me down each individual spoke so that I would have the experience and wisdom from each of those paths. Every time I would start to feel like I was at the "center" where my calling and my purpose was, He would pick me up and have me walk down the next spoke.

Nothing I do or experience is a waste! These seemingly separate journeys are all leading me to the woman of God that He has created me to be. And the best part of this realization for me was that one day, when I finally meet my creator face to face, I'll be ready to be there.

So what does this have to do with the new vision of My Own Ripple Effect?

What I desire for myself and all women, is that we would be actively pursuing the person God has created us to be.  When we are at our best, we can give others our best.

Simply put, when we live our best lives, we can make the greatest impact on the lives of those around us!

Live Better. Do Greater.

This is not a call to a life of striving or religiosity. It is a call to actively seek God's purpose for our lives and be bold and confident enough to pursue that purpose!

I see so many women who are uncertain, overwhelmed, and lack vision for their lives. They look at all the women around them and wonder why they aren't "good enough" to be able to do all of those things. They fail to realize that God is not calling them to do ALL OF THOSE THINGS. So they think they have failed and they give up completely.

My Own Ripple Effect's mission is to provide women with the information & inspiration they need to discover their purpose, find their confidence, and live their best life!

1. Discover your purpose!

I want MORE to be a community of women learning and growing together, and since we are all different and have different callings, there is going to be a wide variety of topics posted on our blog. What you need to do first is figure out what things are yours to do! Stop looking at what other women are doing and start listening to God's voice.

If you don't hear from God personally, about specific situations in your life, I encourage you to begin my 21 Days of Hearing God's Voice Devotional. When you know what God is asking you to do, you can let go of all the "I should's" and start to focus in on what areas of growth are important for you.

2. Find your confidence!

At MORE, we hope to fill you with encouragement so that you know that whatever God is asking you to do, that you can do it! We also hope to create a community of trust and support for women to build each other up.

In addition, we want to inspire you with other women's stories so that you can see a more well-rounded picture of what "successful" women have gone through in order to get where they are now. We often focus too much on what we see in front of us and we get discouraged when we can't seem to meet those standards ourselves. Let's get real with each other and share our weaknesses and our failures so that we can learn from each other!

3. Live your best life!

After you discover what you need to do and believe that you can do it, we want to give you the information you need to actually get it done! Whether you need tips on starting your own business, staying organized in your homeschool, keeping your house tidy, or praying for your husband, we want to provide you with actionable steps to get there.

I have BIG dreams in this area and I am very excited to start pulling together the resources and experts I need to turn this dream into a reality. I honestly believe that God is going to use this community to empower women and change our world!

If you're interested in be a part of this community, the best way to start is by introducing yourself in the comments section below!

A New Vision: Live Better. Do Greater. 2