10 Things that Could Make Me a Crappy Mom... but Don't.

could be a crappy mom

Last week my family and I spent a few days camping at the beautiful and serene Silver Lake in Washington. It was so nice to unplug and unwind. It was also nice because we spent positive time together as a family. For several weeks prior, I had been feeling really down. I was still optimistic and positive about most things, but there were other challenges that had me feeling like a complete failure. One of those areas of my life was parenting.

My oldest daughter was struggling big time and I just couldn't handle it. With moving, renovating, working, and everything else on top, I was tapped out. I was filled with guilt about everything I was doing--as a leader, a wife, and especially as a mom. I felt like I was a crappy mom.

But just before we left, I felt like God was gently reminding me that He's got it covered. I thought that I was royally screwing up my kids by all the things I was doing and not doing... but actually I was not. I'm an imperfect person and certainly an imperfect mom, but I'm not the only one looking out for my kids.

No matter what I do, God can help me make things right. And even if I don't know how I am failing as a mom, God can give my kids what they need to grow into incredible women of God, regardless of what I do!

Here are 10 of the hundreds of things I feel guilty about as a mom:

1. I let my kids watch TV.

2. I work from home.

3. I am impatient.

4. I get bored playing with my kids.

5. I often get up after my kids.

6. I say no to Playdoh.

7. I say no to sugar.

8. I say no for no good reason.

9. I don't plan elaborate birthday parties.

10. I'm a selfish mom.

I could get completely hung up on my failures when I read things like this: Screentime is Making Kids Moody, Crazy, and Lazy, but ultimately, I'm doing the best I know how to do right now and God knows that. My job is to be humble before God, admit that I need help as a mom, and allow him to fill me with what I need. I will not get everything right all the time but when I fall, I can get up again with my head held high.

One of the benefits of being an imperfect mom is the opportunity to show my kids what humility looks like. To be able to apologize to my kids and make things right is an incredibly important aspect of raising up humble, repentant kids.

It sucks to admit when we've failed, but our failures are never final. Each and every day, we have the opportunity to try again. We are good moms. Don't forget that!

What do you feel guilty about as a mom?

Taryn Nergaardparenting