Is food making you feel CRAZY?

I remember a long period of time in my teenage years where I wouldn't eat anything in front of people other than my immediate family and best friends. Not lunch at school. Not out on a date. Not even at a weekend camp. It makes me really emotional to think about how poorly I treated my body. And I'm not alone.

When I personally asked some of my friends about it, they responded with thoughts like "I feel really awkward... I will always choose the healthiest choice because I don't want to be judged." Or "I sometimes feel like people will judge how much I eat."

You're not alone.

But you're also not "normal" either.

We shouldn't act so weird around food. It shouldn't consume our thoughts and change our behaviour. It shouldn't dictate our lives or make us feel crazy. And the food we eat certainly shouldn't be the deciding factor on how we feel about ourselves as people.

I either feel extremely empowered when I'm on the right track or I feel bad if I eat something that I know is unhealthy.

It almost defines how I think about myself. If I make good choices I'm good but if I make a bad choice I am bad.

Those are quotes from real women. And I bet that you can relate to those feelings, just as I can. How do I know? Because typically our blog readers are women between the ages of 18-35. More than that, I know you can relate because some of the top read and shared posts from our blog are related to body image, food addiction, and eating disorders.

This issue is huge. Thoughts of food, dieting, and weight consume much of our lives, and we struggle tremendously with poor body image. That's why we talk about it here on MORE and why we're spending a few weeks focusing on it through blog posts and social media.

We're not alone in seeing this huge issue and wanting to do something about it, which makes me so happy! One women stands out among many as the most well-respected and wise emotional-eating coaches. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides very helpful and practical tools to her clients that helps them get out of the crazy cycle of emotional and binge eating.

Isabel Foxen Duke is the founder of Stop Fighting Food and she is being amazingly generous right now but offering a free video training series to everyone who signs up. I had the privilege of getting to preview her training ahead of time and was so impressed by the number of #truthbombs she dropped in her free training.

I want to share with you 3 of the truths I learned from the Stop Fighting Food videos:

1. My behaviour isn't the problem, my mindset is the problem.

2. Binge eating isn't defined by the amount of food I eat.

3. The way I eat is a direct reflection of how I feel about myself.

And a bonus: Body shame perpetuates emotional eating, not the other way around

This video series could not have come at a better time for me. I've been eating very poorly over the summer and it's one of those "chicken or the egg" situations where I'm not sure if I've been eating poorly because I feel like crap or I feel like crap because I'm eating poorly.

When I watched Isabel's videos, I actually had to go back and watch them again so I could write down some notes. As someone who has mostly figured out her eating issues, I thought I had all the knowledge I needed to avoid the spiral of emotional and binge eating. But I got schooled. I was seriously surprised at how much smarter Isabel is than me (so embarrassing to admit I even thought that way!)

Wherever you are at with your relationship with food, I encourage you--no, I urge you--to take 30 seconds and sign up for the Stop Fighting Food free video training. You owe it to yourself and your family to stop wasting all of your time thinking and worrying about food so you can start living your life and be free of all the body shame!