4 Reasons I am Focusing Less on Health

I love change. And, thankfully, so does my husband. But over the years we've come to realize that the heart issue behind our desire for change is a spirit of discontent. So I (we) have been actively, diligently resisting the hunger for change; it's that "grass is always greener on the other side" mentality in our marriage and in our family.

When it comes to my life personally, and especially my business, I can still be impulsive and change directions quite quickly. I have a lot of things I am passionate about, and also knowledgeable about. It's why this blog has had a new look every year and why I tend to jump from topic to topic depending on the week. But I know that change is tough on people who don't have that same love for change as I do.

It's hard to build trust when there's lack of consistency. It's hard to walk the same path together when there's lack of focus and direction.

Those two thoughts have been on my heart for months now. I've wrestled with myself and with God about this blog and what it's true purpose is. I've even had discussions with my husband trying to decide if this is a "keep or release" commitment in my life; even whether I should be content with this as a hobby or if I should truly be pursuing this as a business.

The nagging gut feeling that keeps arising is that I need to stop focusing so much on health. And I've come to understand why God wants me to change my focus. So today I'm sharing my heart with you and in the coming weeks you'll begin to see the changes to my vision brought to life in my revamped blog...

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4 Reasons I am Focusing Less on Health

1. A change of heart needs to come before a change in life.

To be completely honest with you, sometimes I feel like I am beating my head up against a wall. I try to teach women why they should take care of their bodies and even show them ways to do it. But most of ya'll aren't doing it! And I really can't blame you--I had a false system of beliefs in this area...

I thought that the biggest issue women have with getting and staying healthy was the HOW.

But in reality, most of you already know how! As I heard in a sermon recently, it's not an information problem, it's an implementation problem. Why is there an implementation problem? Because your life cannot and will not change until your heart does.

Many of you are not at the place where you have the self-confidence and determination to take charge of your health. And I am not looking down on you for this; in fact, I was pretty dumb not to see it before because it was the exact issue I had for years before I finally started making positive changes in my life!

If my passion is truly to help women be their best selves, then I need to build you up and show you how beautiful and capable you are as a daughter of God. You need to be so filled with confidence in your identity in Christ and the abilities He has given you that you cannot help but be transformed from the inside out!

2. Healthy is the new skinny.

This sounds great, right? We're taking the pressure off of unhealthy attempts at losing weight and being skinny, and with the prevalence of eating disorders in our society it is a step in the right direction. But we're human beings and we love to take good things and turn them into God things.

Now the new benchmark for perfection and ultimate success in life isn't to be skinny it's to buy organic food, eat only grass-fed beef, buy nothing in a package, make your own cleaning products, use nothing on your skin but water, avoid gluten/dairy/soy/corn/sugar/etc. at all costs, never buy anything in plastic or in a can, and so on and so on and so on... until we're dead tired, run ragged by our own ridiculous pursuit of health perfection.

Oh, but the mental and emotional exhaustion is totally worth it because at least we're better (er, healthier) than everyone else.

The difficulty as a health-promoting blogger is that everything I post about and everything you see is only the good stuff and that makes you think that you need to do ALL of it, ALL the time or you're not good enough. I don't ever want to live my life in a way that makes people feel like they are not good enough. I try my best, but I don't seek perfection in the area of health and I hope that you find that balance too.

3. Diets become divisive not inclusive.

When my family starting the GAPS diet, I was super excited about it and because I felt so much better, I thought that everyone should do it too. I just wanted to help everyone feel how I felt!--Full of life and energy like I had never experienced before.

But one of the hardest parts of doing a healing diet like that is that it really isolates you. People think you're weird, or they don't know what to feed you so they don't invite you over, or they feel like their own way of eating is terrible and they think you will judge them so they don't want to be around you.

As much as I want to help people take charge of their physical health by changing their diet (not necessarily even following the GAPS diet in particular), it just divides and pushes people away so much that it makes it more difficult for me to really help people.

I still want to focus on the importance of taking care of your body through eating healthy, nourishing food, but I want to help a broader number of people, not just those who are on healing diets like GAPS.

4. I want to go deeper.

If we're struggling with our physical health, the real issue lies much deeper. I really want to get to the heart of our issues and begin changing lives from the inside outward. Our spiritual and emotional health really need to come first before any lasting physical changes will develop.

There are common themes among women like guilt, shame, inadequacy, lack of trust, low self-esteem, etc that I have found real healing from and I would love to help more women experience this type of life change.


I hope you'll continue to follow me on this journey of being whole, healed, and healthy in Christ.

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