Does the Christmas Story matter?


Jesus is the source of hope, joy, peace, and strength in my life--He's a lot more than just the baby born in a manger that we hear about in the Christmas story. One of the reasons I have such a close, personal relationship with God is because of how much I hear from him. Whether it's reading my bible, listening to a song, or hearing a message at church, God uses so many different methods to speak to me and further affirm his message to me.

When I plan out my blog posts for this website, I try to look at least a month or two in advance. I jot down a rough topic idea and then just let it "sit" for a bit until I'm ready to write. One of the great experiences I've had this year with my writing is seeing how the topics and the truths that are in my heart to share, often come up in my church sermons and in other things I'm reading and listening to.

So today's post is different. Instead of writing out my thoughts today, I am sharing a couple of the great messages I have heard over the past couple weeks that really summarize the truth that I wanted to share with you all this Christmas.

These videos are from Southside Church and Jefferson Bethke. I hope they re-frame what Christmas means to you today and for your future.

What is your hashtag hiding?

What's the point of Christmas?

I hope that as you go about celebrating Christmas this year that you remember how much God loves you and how the Christmas story is a yearly reminder of the HOPE that we have each and every day because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. The birth of Jesus is special--not just because of its historical significance but because He was born and died for YOU. He made the most personal and sacrificial declaration He could make to show you just how much He loves you.