4 Detox Myths You Need to Ignore


From supplements to juices to teas to exercise regimes--it seems a lot of the health world is talking about detoxification. Everything is being marketed as non-toxic and chemical-free. But there are many detox myths out there being spread through the media. Detoxification is essentially the process of eliminating toxins from the body--and it's a process my family has been acutely aware of for the past three years. I've done a lot of research personally and have worked closely with our Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to heal my daughter's severe eczema, which was caused by having too many toxins accumulated in her body.

My knowledge of the issues of toxins and the process of detoxification (detox) has progressed from making small changes in my home to completely changing my family's diet to providing knowledge and support to friends and family and now finally to combining all my research into a comprehensive online course.

Detox is the topic I get the most questions about from my online community so today I'm going to wade through all the detox myths and clear up some of the misinformation you've probably heard.

Detox Myths Examined

1. To be healthy, you need to live "chemical-free"

It's been a loooong time since I took chemistry (not at all my favourite subject) and it's likely the same for you so I'd like to quickly refresh your memory on the subject. Do you remember the periodic table of the elements? That table that displays all the chemical elements that our entire universe is made up of?... Ya, that one.

Well, it contains some pretty important stuff. Chemical elements, like oxygen--which is responsible for keeping us alive and breathing. Oxygen is also necessary to make water--which is also necessary for our survival. If water is a chemical... does that mean it's going to kill us if we drink it?! Of course not! (Unless you drink it in massive amounts... but we'll save that for another discussion.)

Everything tangible in our world (including our bodies) is only there because of these chemical elements. So to paint a massive brush stroke that all chemicals are bad is simply untrue.

Not all chemicals are toxins and not all toxins are chemicals.

2. Most people don't need to worry about detoxification

I would agree that people shouldn't "worry" about detoxification, but I disagree that it's not something we need to think about and be aware of. I mentioned that my daughter had severe eczema due to toxins in her body. This wasn't a hunch or a mom's google diagnosis. My ND was able to accurately measure the types and amounts of various toxins and the results were astounding.

At the time of the test, she would have been around 2 years old and had been suffering with this terrible skin condition for a year already. If a tiny 2 year old body can be filled with toxins, yours could be too.

This shouldn't scare or worry you, but to deny that toxins are an issue in today's world is to be ignorant to a major health issue that is plaguing people in western society. There are many factors that affect a person's susceptibility to toxic overload, so it's important to pay attention to your health in this area.

3. Juice cleanses are the best way to detoxify your body

When most people think of "doing a detox" they think of fasting or doing a juice cleanse of some kind. This may be beneficial to some people, sometimes, but it is not an effective, long-term strategy for detoxifying your body.

As I teach in my detox course, the best way to detoxify is to learn daily practices that support your body's natural detoxification processes. Your body knows what to do, but you need to give it the support it needs to do its job properly.

For example, by fasting from food or by only drinking vegetable juices for several days, you are starving your liver of the fats and other nutrients it needs to do its job of filtering toxins from the blood. The key to a healthy detox is to give your body more of what it needs, not put more stress on it.

4. Detox diets/supplements/drinks/etc. are all a waste of money

I'm not a big fan of throwing money in the garbage, obviously. And frankly, I think that spending money on most products marketed for detox are likely a waste of money. But--often when I hear people say that detox supplements or products are a waste of money are doing so because they have a false belief that their bodies need no help to detoxify.

Unfortunately, due to poor nutrition, genetic mutations, or increased toxins in our environment, our bodies are often not able to adequately keep up to the demanding job of eliminating toxins. Sometimes additional support is needed.

If you're interested in learning how to improve your health through detoxification and want a simple guide to help you do it, you can download my Quickstart Guide to Healthy Detoxification below! No myths, just basic support your body needs to be at its best.