Loved by God

I recently had this question asked to me, and it struck me so deeply that I wanted to ask it to you: What if you really believed that you were loved by God? What if you REALLY believed that YOU were wanted, cherished, pursued, valued and called to freedom? Would your life look the same as it does today? Zephaniah 3:17 says, “ The Lord your God will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

Can you just sit and ponder that very thought for a moment. The God of the universe delights in you, he rejoices over you. We are God's girls--daughters of the most high.


Psalms 45:11 says, "be here - the king is wild for you.”

I don’t know about you, but I in no way, shape, or form lived my life as if I was a daughter of the King and that he was crazy for me.

I grew up in the church; I grew up singing "Jesus loves me;" I grew up being told that God loved me. But my actions, my words, my thoughts were nowhere in line with these truths. Why?

For me, I grew up always feeling like I fell short, that I was disappointing to God, like I was always in trouble with him. I felt like there was no point in trying to keep God's standard; there was no reason to follow a God that made me to fail, and there was certainly no way I would ever be good enough for that kind of a God.

I couldn’t have faith in something when I constantly felt shame and guilt or that if I didn’t obey him I would be punished.

Our hearts were always designed first and foremost for a relationship with Christ--a good, healthy relationship. We were designed to want to be with God. Then, and only then, would we understand his standard and we would know that it is put in place to protect us.

Like a good parent, God knows what's best, so he gives us boundaries and rules... not to shame us, but to prosper us. God wants YOU, he made you, he chose you, and when you fall short of that glorious standard, he forgives you.

Regardless of whatever religious stigma has plagued the church for centuries and robbed so many Christians of a true christian experience, God has never been a part of that. That was man’s doing.

For too long, we allow ourselves to live short of our own potential and we allow life to assault us--all because we don’t realize we deserve more. We don’t realize we were created for more!

The world might have told you that you are muck; the church might have told you that you are just a sinner. But God tells you that you are his daughter, created in his image, and through his love and grace you are free from all the world has to say about you.

We need to dig into the word and lift our eyes to heaven so we can stop fighting a war that's already been won. Friend, stop paying for things that Jesus has already paid for. On the cross, Jesus said, “IT IS FINISHED.” Can we start living like it?

Psalm 103:12 says, “He has removed our sins far from us, as the east from the west.”

Do you know why it's the east from the west? Because when we start going east you will always go east, and you will never run into west. God takes our sin and removes it infinitely from us because he loves us and he doesn’t want us held in bondage.

We serve a God who first served us, we serve a Father who cares about the smallest of details, and we serve a Savior who put a longing in our heart long ago that only he can fill. I want you to understand how great you are, how truly wonderful God thinks you are, and how we ought to rise up and start living like it.

Micah 5:1 says: “Now gather yourself in troops O daughter of troops; a state of siege has been placed against us.”

Since the beginning of time, when Eve ate of that apple and the fall of man came to the world, there has been a war on the female heart. It's time we take back what is ours and we gather the troops and stand and fight. We fight to know, feel and understand God's love for his daughters, and to share that light and love with others.

Bobbie Houston hit the nail on the head in her new book Sisterhood. In it she says, “In many ways, it should be enough for the human soul to know that God believes in them. However, at the risk of sounding contradictory, it is not enough. God never intended his beloved creation to exist without relationship, and especially relationship that affirms personhood and value. As human beings we are created for family, and while family isn’t always perfect, healthy family will always seek to speak words of life over one another and fill the deficit within the human heart that craves belief.”

Friends, we are the body of Christ; he partners with us to fulfill his mission. The church should be known for its vast love, acceptance, generosity, and value for others. Although we are not apologetic for our beliefs, everyone belongs before they believe.

Our homes should be filled with life that abundantly overflows into our communities. God is love, so we (better than anyone else) should know and be able to give love. God wants to bring pieces of heaven here and he wants to work through each of us, so that we can show his generous heart to the world.

When Jesus walked the earth, he healed anyone who asked. It was in his touch, his words, his presence. What healing will be done within our own approach, our touch, and our words?

Maybe it's our own hearts that we need to start with first.

In Christ, the brokenness can stop with us. We CAN restore that which has been shattered. God sent his only son, to be a example to us of his love, to break all the social and political standards of this world, and the religious law. He sent him to the cross so he could end the enslavement of our hearts.

Let us walk together in that truth. Let us raise up together like daughters of troops. Let us speak life, see the good, and give the benefit of the doubt. Let us add value, serve, and honor others. And let us spread the love of our savior.

You are strong, you are valued, and you are more precious than jewels, my sister.

Love to you.

IdentityKirista Berry