Easter is for Me

It's Good Friday 2017 today. It's been almost two thousand years since the death of our saviour Jesus Christ, yet His sacrifice is as applicable today as it has ever been. God's power to forgive and bring about new life is just as great. So why do we struggle with accepting the power and purpose of the event that changed the world so many years ago?

I think it's because many of us fail to fully take hold of the death and resurrection of Christ as it applies to our own lives. We fail to feel the weight of our sin being laid on Jesus. We fail to accept His final words that "it is finished." And we fail to see the incredible power of God that brought Jesus back to life.

Painting by my daughter, Emery (7)

Painting by my daughter, Emery (7)

If we can allow ourselves to fully embrace Good Friday and Easter Monday as powerful, purposeful events that occurred for each of us personally, our lives would wholly be changed.

I wrote this poem a few years ago after experiencing the power of Jesus' sacrifice personally...

Before Christ, I lived a sinful life
I hid behind self-righteousness, hoping my lies would disguise my mess
Defined by the crimes against me
I thought there was too much shame and disgrace to even utter God’s name
I dreamed of disappearing to foreign lands
Not realizing I couldn’t escape the blood on my own hands
But then God showed me that the lamb was slain to cover my stains
He said, “Let go of your pain and trust me again”
So when I found Jesus, I worked hard to please Him
I knew He was resurrected so our relationship could be corrected
Even though my behaviour conformed, my mind had not been transformed
My life seemed miles away yet still the same
His word says I am priceless but I still felt worthless
Then God told me:
Stop trying hard and acting tough
Your good is just not good enough
You are dirty, but I make you clean
I alone have the power, as the King of Kings
Just because you made a mess does not make you worthless
If you trust in my righteousness, your life is a new canvas
He opened my eyes and made me see
That though I was leading, I still hadn’t accepted healing
I can’t tell people about God’s grace
Then hide my own face in shame
That gift was not given to all but me
I’ve distorted His message in the bible I read
Then I learned about true forgiveness in response to repentance
The only one punishing my sins was me
It’s not what God sees; I have been wiped clean
So instead of living in bitterness and resentment,
I forgave others and meant it
Now I’m no longer living in bondage
Allowing lies to hold me hostage
I now believe wholeheartedly that you and me,
We are the sons and daughters of a holy King
Who wants us to be free
So don’t remain afraid
Remove your chains
— Written by Taryn Nergaard (do not repost or publish in any way without permission)

Friends, it's time to let go.

Let go of the shame. Let go of the bitterness. Let go of the lies. Let go of your worry.

This Easter, take hold of the cross. Release everything that has been holding you back and fully embrace the gift of forgiveness and new life that Christ died to give you.

Easter is for me. Easter is for YOU.

FaithTaryn Nergaard