When I Fail, God is Faithful

I am in the middle of an unexpected season of change. All of the change is ultimately for my good, but some of it is born out of my failure. My prideful heart has a difficult time admitting failure, let alone accepting it. But at the same time that I have failed, God has been so faithful.

He never once let me crawl into my shell of defeat and hide. In His loving nature, I believe He allowed me to face tremendous challenges this year for the very purpose of breaking down my walls--both to Him and to people around me. He didn't let my heart harden. He sought me. He loved me. He opened up my heart in such vulnerability that I would have not believed I could do it had I not experienced it.

Photo by  danabooo  /  CC BY 2.0

Photo by danaboooCC BY 2.0

He didn't love me in spite of my failures, He loves me through my failures... all of them.

Too many times than I'd like to truly admit, I've failed...

As a person.

As a Christian.

As a wife.

As a mother.

As a daughter.

As a sister.

As a friend.

As a member of the body of Christ.

I have failed. And I know you have too.

We've failed. Now what?

One of the saddest observations I have made is that many Christians allow their failure to define them and derail them.

In allowing our failures to define us, we negate our very identities as children of God and minimize the power of God's grace. God made us in His image. Then He sent His son to die for us on the cross to forgive us. How much more evidence do we need that we have value and worth?

How many reminders do we need that we make mistakes, we are not mistakes?

When we give our failures the power to define us, the enemy is pleased. Giving power to our failures gives power to the enemy. Our enemy will torment us again and again, leaving us broken, ashamed, and unable to move forward. All because we have lost sight of who we truly are and who God is.

It's human to make mistakes, to say or do the wrong thing, to crash and burn. Our God loves us anyway.

When we fall, we need only look up. Our loving, powerful God is there waiting to pick us up, dust us off, and send us back on the path He has laid out for us. All you have to do is look up.

I know that when you fail you just want to hang your head and hide yourself away. Even the thought of making a mistake or failing at something is enough to make me feel sick. But that's not the life God has for me and it's not who He made me to be. I can't live in the shadows just because I fear failure.

You've failed. I've failed.

Today, I'm leaving my failures behind, at the foot of the cross. I hope you will too.