A Letter to Crunchy Christian Moms

Dear Crunchy Christian Mom,


I see you.

I see how hard you work to keep your family healthy.

I see how you spend your evenings scouring the web for healthy recipes and engaging activities.

I see how attentive you are to your kids and how you try to always cook healthy meals from scratch.

I see how you give up some luxuries to afford a healthier life.

I see how much you love your family.


Do you want to know what else I see?

That you're a great mom--A fantastic mom!

And I would say that even if I didn't know about any of those things you do for your kids.

Because the truth is, you're a great mom regardless of the health of your kids.

crunchy mom


Knowledge is a wonderful, powerful thing. We must learn in order to grow. Without information, there could be no transformation.

Knowledge is also a dangerous thing. It can take us captive, holding us in the bondage of fear.


I have seen an increasing trend in parenting: moms who care more and fear more. I've experienced it personally.

With all the knowledge at our finger tips and with millions of opinions searchable on the screen, we have become flooded with an overwhelming number of voices all telling us what to do... telling us how we can do better.

Telling us how we can be better.

We want to be better. We want the best for our kids. They have been placed in our care and the desire to do the very best for them is honorable.

But let's not forget who they truly belong to: Your children are God's children too.

In all the craziness of motherhood, please remember that you are not the only one caring for your children. They are in God's hands, just as you are.


Keep loving your kids and seek to raise them with the utmost care.

Don't let fear and worry cause you to feel like you're failing.

Trust that God cares about your children's health and He knows their bodies far more intimately than you.

Pray for your children as much as you search for recipes and read labels.

Remember that your child's physical health is not a reflection of your success as a mom.


Let's advocate for our kids. Let's make the difficult decisions and do the things that are uncommon (and maybe even a little bit weird.) Let's not settle for mediocre.

But in our quest to do all we can do for our kids, let's remember that we're not in control. The security of good health is an illusion. Only God can be trusted to be the omnipotent protector of our families.


Relax. Pray. Hug. Love.


From a Crunchy Christian Mom,