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Distance Is The Enemy of Authentic Relationships

Several years ago, my husband and I bought a beautiful acreage that included a pond. Though the pond was partially obscured by weeping willows, I would catch glimpses of the calm blue water through my kitchen window as I washed dishes. Often I would see Canadian geese gracefully floating along the edge, though not for long as our Australian shepherd was bound to spy the beautiful creatures and give chase. 

One day, I spotted a particularly beautiful goose in our pond. As I was in a hurry with my chores, I only stole a glance. I spotted him again the next day. Surprised that our dog had not yet given chase, I took a bit of time to admire his beauty as I worked in my kitchen. Later, as I walked past the flower beds, I saw him again still floating serenely and blissfully unaware of the potential danger. 

Now it had caught my attention – rarely had I seen a goose stick around for such an extended time. Every time I caught a glimpse of him, I would pause, smile, and give thanks to God for giving me a glimpse of beauty in the midst of an ordinary day. 

Though he wouldn’t know it, this little goose became my prayer of thanksgiving every time he came into view. A little touch of heaven.

After several days of admiring him from afar, I said to my husband, “What a beautiful creature! He’s so beautiful, he looks fake!” To which my husband replied, “That’s because he is.”

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The Danger of Isolation

I have never heard an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony that started with "I'd like to thank me, myself, and I for all of the hard work that it took to get here. I couldn't have done it without me." I've also never seen an acknowledgment section of a book contain the author's own name. Why? Because great accomplishments require a great effort by a great team.

If that's true for recording artists, film producers, and authors, then the same should be true for us as Christians. No great work for God can be done alone. Not only do we need God, but we need each other. The danger of isolating ourselves from the kingdom of God-- His people--is that we become unqualified for the work for which He created us.

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The Difference Between Honesty & Vulnerability

Honesty is not a big issue for me, but it used to be. I would tell "little" lies to save face or cover my mistakes. I would exaggerate my strengths or things I did in order to look better in someone else's eyes. I would tell stories of things that never really happened to that "friend of a friend" of mine.

It took a lot of work for me to become truly honest with myself and others. Full transparency: it's still sometimes a temptation for me. I absolutely hate looking inept or incapable. If I do something embarrassing, my first instinct is to make up an excuse for what I did.

Through continually practicing honesty in all situations, I am amazed at how comfortable I have become in my own humility. When you try to pull a door with a "push" sign on it as much as I do, you become very familiar with humility. I think God may even have given me that unique "ability" just to keep me from becoming too prideful.

So with honesty a well-practiced character quality, it caught me by surprise when God showed me how he didn't just want me to be honest with others, but also vulnerable.

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3 Reasons We Hate Accountability

Bring up the word “accountability” and you’re bound to get a reaction. The type of reaction you get is probably going to reveal a lot about the person’s heart and where they are at in life. You see, the very idea of accountability is counter-intuitive to our natural selfishness and pride. Therefore, it’s not naturally something we love.

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