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Does the Christmas Story matter?

Jesus is the source of hope, joy, peace, and strength in my life--He's a lot more than just the baby born in a manger that we hear about in the Christmas story.One of the reasons I have such a close, personal relationship with God is because of how much I hear from him. Whether it's reading my bible, listening to a song, or hearing a message at church, God uses so many different methods to speak to me and further affirm his message to me.

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How to: Make Vanilla Extract

There's just something about going into a liquor store with littles that seems weird to me. Maybe it's the judgement... Are people thinking I get drunk at 10am to get through the day? Are people thinking I'm buying booze for my kids?! Ok, so that last one is probably not true at this point. Maybe that becomes a gray area when your kids are teens.

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