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Distance Is The Enemy of Authentic Relationships

Several years ago, my husband and I bought a beautiful acreage that included a pond. Though the pond was partially obscured by weeping willows, I would catch glimpses of the calm blue water through my kitchen window as I washed dishes. Often I would see Canadian geese gracefully floating along the edge, though not for long as our Australian shepherd was bound to spy the beautiful creatures and give chase. 

One day, I spotted a particularly beautiful goose in our pond. As I was in a hurry with my chores, I only stole a glance. I spotted him again the next day. Surprised that our dog had not yet given chase, I took a bit of time to admire his beauty as I worked in my kitchen. Later, as I walked past the flower beds, I saw him again still floating serenely and blissfully unaware of the potential danger. 

Now it had caught my attention – rarely had I seen a goose stick around for such an extended time. Every time I caught a glimpse of him, I would pause, smile, and give thanks to God for giving me a glimpse of beauty in the midst of an ordinary day. 

Though he wouldn’t know it, this little goose became my prayer of thanksgiving every time he came into view. A little touch of heaven.

After several days of admiring him from afar, I said to my husband, “What a beautiful creature! He’s so beautiful, he looks fake!” To which my husband replied, “That’s because he is.”

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