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Chlorella: My Detox Superhero

Through my own research of toxins and detoxing, as well as through the knowledge of my naturopathic doctor (ND), I have learned about the significant benefits of chlorella supplementation.I haven't spoken about it on the blog before, but I have a bit of a negative view of the term "superfood." In my opinion, as soon as you put that label on something, it costs a fortune. And for most of us, we can be very healthy people by eating "regular food" which makes it unnecessary to spend our hard earned money on expensive superfoods.

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Mom's Choice Organic Nursing Tea {Review & Giveaway}

Ok, so total honesty right here: I am so excited to be doing this review and giveaway! Over the past couple months, I have gotten in touch with companies whose products I love, in hopes of forming a partnership with them.You guys know that My Own Ripple Effect is all about "creating a ripple effect of healthy homes and healthy families" right?! Well, finding awesome, healthy products I love and partnering with companies as sponsors is another way that I can expand the ripple effect and help more people live healthy, full lives!

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What do you feed a GAPS baby? Introducing Solids - Weeks 6 & 7

This is a short post today, as there are no new food introductions for these weeks!It may seem like this process is a bit slow-going. But, if you've experienced the consequences of food allergies and intolerance, than you know how frustrating it can be. It's much easier, safer, and healthier to go slow NOW than to have to go back erase the damage that's been done by introducing too many foods too quickly! Believe me.

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My thoughts on: "New Study Shows Breastfeeding Benefits Are Exaggerated"

Wait.. what? Am I not a crunchy, healthy-nut, all-things-natural blogger?Yes. I am. Why am I posting about an article that negates the benefits of breastfeeding? Well...There is an article circulating on Facebook about a study by sociologists that claims that breastfeeding is only marginally more beneficial than bottle feeding. In fact, it says it shows that breastfed babies are much more likely to have asthma.

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