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How to Cheat Wisely

In every area of life, except one, I am against cheating. But when it comes to food, I believe it's an inevitable--and even necessary--action.It may be my "black or white" way of thinking or maybe it's my perfectionism or OCD tendencies, but it's fairly easy for me to stay within the guidelines of my GAPS diet. In fact, it can become too easy...

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3 Reasons to take MATH out of your Weight Loss Equation

Is math a big part of your weight loss equation? Take this short quiz to find out: Do you use a calorie counter to keep track of how many calories you consume?Do you use an activity tracker to keep track of how many calories you burn? Do you keep a food diary where you write down every item you eat & drink, plus how many calories it contains, grams of fat, sugar, sodium, etc? Do you use a "points" based system to determine what you can eat in a day? Do you check the number of calories for your food before deciding if you should eat it? Do you feel guilty for eating a "treat" if you haven't been very active that day?

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