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10 Brutally Honest Truths I Would Tell My Younger Self

Being a mom changes you. In my case, being a mom of girls has radically changed me.When I think about how I want to raise my girls, there are usually two areas that I think about: that they love & follow Jesus and that their beliefs about themselves would be rooted in love, hope & strength. I want them to believe in God and believe in themselves in a way that seemed out of reach for me as a child.

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Fit Friday: 5 Tips to Help Kids Have a Healthy Relationship with Food and Exercise

Here's another fantastic Fit Friday post by Ashley!I can only imagine how hard it must be to raise a family in our culture. I am not a mom myself, but I was a kid, raised in a home that strived to promote health, balance, and wellness beyond body image and weight loss. As I thought about how I was raised, and the type of environment I hope to have in my family one day, I have created a list of simple ways that you can help your children have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

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