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Fit Friday: 8 Fitness Myths Debunked

This is our last Fit Friday post (for now) and it's a good one! Ashley hit this one out of the park and I know you're going to love how she debunks these 8 fitness myths!If you want more health & fitness inspiration, you can follow Ashley on Instagram. With all the different information out there about what you should and should not do when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, I have taken some of the top fitness myths that I hear people debating about the most and debunked them for you today! I hope you are able to learn something from this post, and incorporate these truths into your daily routine and thoughts towards your health and fitness journey. Enjoy!

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Fit Friday: 5 Fitness Challenges for Beginners

Hey guys! I (Taryn) am doing the Fit Friday post for today! No, I'm not an expert. But I have learned some things that may be helpful for those of you who are just starting out!Did you read Ashley's post from last week though?! Her 10 Tips to Stay Motivated were awesome! It was definitely what I needed and I had a killer weekend because of that encouragement! But some of you might be thinking to yourselves, "Ya, that's great. I know I need to be more active but where do I start?!"

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Fit Friday: The HIIT Workout for Busy Moms

I am so pumped to have my very talented friend guest posting on MORE for the next few weeks! She is going to help us get in shape for summer, but also give us the tools we need to live more active lives. It's not about losing weight (but that may be an added benefit for some of us!)... it's about being strong, healthy and having energy so we can live our lives to the fullest!

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