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How to Cheat Wisely

In every area of life, except one, I am against cheating. But when it comes to food, I believe it's an inevitable--and even necessary--action.It may be my "black or white" way of thinking or maybe it's my perfectionism or OCD tendencies, but it's fairly easy for me to stay within the guidelines of my GAPS diet. In fact, it can become too easy...

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Confessions of a Recovering Food Addict

While he left the room, I took the opportunity to grab another box of chocolates. When he came back, he looked at me and the chocolates and said, "Are you STILL eating?"I was devastated. Or at least my pride sure was. Looking back, this was a turning point for me, even though at the time I still didn't see that I had a real problem. I chose to spitefully go on a diet and start exercising--not for my own health but to prove that I could. I thought I had something to prove to my husband but in reality, I had something to prove to myself.

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