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5 Lies We Believe About Forgiveness

We’ve gotten forgiveness all wrong in our culture. I know this because I see people, Christians even, who are trapped in their own bitterness and resentment because they have failed to embrace a life of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is difficult, and we like to think that things should be easy if we’re supposed to do them. But God asks us to take the best way, not the easiest way. I have experienced that the best is often not the easiest at all. This is particularly true for practicing forgiveness in my life.

As Christians, we're aware that God tells us to forgive one another but knowing how, when, or why to forgive can be confusing. We often approach forgiveness from a human perspective instead of God's perspective, which causes us to believe lies regarding forgiveness. These lies cause us to bear a burden of bitterness instead of embracing the beautiful freedom we receive through forgiveness.

God is always for our good, and if he tells us that we should pursue forgiveness then we are wise to listen. So, let's break down some of the lies we believe so we can live in the fullness of God's truth.

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