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Join Me in Changing our Children's Future

When I think of all the reasons why I research, why I make food from scratch, why I avoid chemicals, and why I have a health blog, there are only three that ultimately matter to me. Emery Mia Tessa My three girls, who I affectionately refer to online as Buttons, Bean, and Baby Bear, are the reason I desperately swim upstream of the healthcare current. Having kids causes us to rethink our whole way of living.

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3 Things I've Learned about Myself in 3 Weeks of Homeschooling

I've officially been a homeschooling mom for three weeks. I'm definitely an expert now, which is why I thought I would start posting about my experiences. Just kidding. If you want to follow along with my homeschooling journey, do so at your own risk.But now that I've at least gotten my feet wet and have started to adjust to this new way of life, I have learned a few things about myself.

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