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10 Things that Could Make Me a Crappy Mom... but Don't.

Last week my family and I spent a few days camping at the beautiful and serene Silver Lake in Washington. It was so nice to unplug and unwind. It was also nice because we spent positive time together as a family.For several weeks prior, I had been feeling really down. I was still optimistic and positive about most things, but there were other challenges that had me feeling like a complete failure. One of those areas of my life was parenting.

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Taryn Nergaardparenting
The Importance of Trusting our Children

I trust you…. Its a powerful phrase; one that strengthens relationships, builds self confidence and one that is rarely used with our children. When our culture thinks of children we think of incompetent people whose every choice needs to be controlled. I understand this. They need guidance, limits, and boundaries. But I do think they are far more capable of making the right choices for themselves then we give them credit for, or that we would be willing to patiently wait for.

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Kirista Berryparenting
Reflections from an Accidental Co-Sleeper

Do you let your baby cry it out? I've judged you.Do you let your baby nurse on demand all day? I've judged you. Do you let your baby sleep with you? I've judged you. Do you bottle feed your baby formula? I've judged you. Have I judged the decisions of pretty much every mom out there? Yep. Have I judged myself even more critically? Absolutely. I've been reflecting on my ideas, decisions, attitudes, etc as a mom lately and I definitely don't like everything I have found. You see, I'm a very "black and white" person. Something is either good or bad, it can't be both. Something is either healthy or it's not, it can't be both. I'm either doing this right or wrong, it can't be both.

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