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Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules': Part III

The third and final section of Michael Pollan's book 'Food Rules' is all about how you should eat."the [rules] in this section deal with something a bit more elusive but no less important: the set of manners, eating habits, taboos, and unspoken guidelines that together govern a person's (and a culture's) relationship to food and eating. How you eat may have as much bearing on your health (and your weight) as what you eat."

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Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules': Part I

I just finished reading "Food Rules" by Michael Pollan and thought I would share some of the information from the book. Michael Pollan has quite a few bestsellers, and most of his books are far more extensive than "Food Rules" but I decided to start by reading this one because it is a simple, reference-type guide to eating healthily. There was a mixture of information I already know and follow, information I know and haven't really followed, and information that I didn't already know.

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