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Your Broken Past Is Not the End of Your Story

I remember sitting in the back row of church--just my second visit--as tears fell down my cheeks. I heard God's voice for the very first time. It wasn't audible or startling. It was a quiet, calm voice that echoed in my heart: You don't need to move away. You can have a new life here.

I felt peace for the very first time.

Up until that point, my most common emotions were anxiety, despair, anger, guilt, shame, bitterness, resentment, and hopelessness. There were times of manufactured happiness and excitement, but very little was truly joyful.

The rise of divorce, abuse, bullying, and harassment have weighed heavy on our culture. Kids are not afforded the luxury of happy childhoods. Boys and girls face pressure, abandonment, and bullying. These same kids grow up feeling unloved, unwanted, and unworthy.

It's no wonder we have adolescents and adults who are depressed, addicted, and suicidal. I know what it's like to question whether life will ever get better or if I will ever be worthy of that better life.

The problem is, nothing on this earth can provide the kind of hope that overcomes a past filled with pain and suffering. The only true hope we have is in God, and in His son, Jesus Christ.

Christians know that. On a head level, we've been taught that Christ is our only hope. And on a heart level, many women have experienced that moment I did--the feeling that God is real and He loves me.

So if we know that God is our only hope, that nothing on this earth can truly satisfy our need for love and purpose, then why do so many of us still feel so hopeless, even as Christians?

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